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  1. Aahh, that makes sense. I never realized since Happiness isn't really displayed in the game.
  2. I encountered a False Positive. I added a Gen5 WIN2011 Celebi and everything checked out except that it has "lower than base happiness". I don't understand why it's hapiness should be marked for error. This is the exact Celebi from the Event. Recieved on SoulSilver and then Transfered to Black via the Relocator tool. The PID is "0xA10C2B9C". Any Idea why this is happening?
  3. You do know that Ubuntu and most Popular Linux distributions come with Python. On top of that you don't need to do anything else exept one thing if you already of Premade PKM files(Like ones you've downloaded from this Site). The only problem is Ports on the Linux system. I've had trouble getting it to work on Linux(Sometimes Linux systems like Ubuntu don't like it when certain programs access Port 80, I don't remember why) and I remember changing certain Port settings in the pokehaxlib.py but it was a while ago and I can't remember what I did exactly to get it to work. If you want I can see if I still have the Modded files and figure out what I did.
  4. Thanks for the Reply. Also Black and White will be Released in the US April 2011(I already Pre-Ordered it), One Month after the US release of the 3DS in March. And I'd like to thank Chase-san for working on this, it's one of the most useful Homebrew I have.
  5. I don't know if this was asked already(probably was) but there is no way I'm looking through 200+ pages to check so I'll just ask again(If it was asked before). Will PPSE-DS be supporting Pokemon Black/White in the near Future? I am playing the Japanese version and it would be nice if I could use PPSE-DS with it. I know there are a few large hurdles, but it'd be nice. (If other people don't know what those hurdles are well I'll point out the 150+ new Pokemon as the most obvious.) Anyway I was just wondering if you were planning on supporting B/W at all, and if Yes, Will it be the Near Future or the "Probably After(Maybe Way After) the US March Release"?
  6. I'm using the Black Translation Patch with New English Names and Exp Patch. I'm using it on a M3 Real. After playing with it more I discovered it does the same Freeze when you Exit the Wi-Fi connection screen just like when you exit Mystery Gift. Another problem I'm having is that the game won't load at all if I try to use cheats or Real-Time-Save-Menu. If I have both disabled the game loads fine. I've had the same problem with LoZ: Spirit Tracks and I am not sure if it's specific to running on M3 Real or not. Oh I'm also using M3 Sakura Firmware Latest Dual-Boot version.
  7. I don't have time to read this whole thread so I don't know if this was mentioned before but I found a glitch with the Patch. You can enter Mystery Gift and Receive gifts and everything, but when you quit Mystery Gift the Game Freezes(at Least on what I'm using) I don't know if it's just me but I thought I'd through it out there. It's not Major as the Gifts you Receive are saved before it Freezes so Simply Restarting Allows you to continue playing so you don't have to mark this as Urgent. It's just a minor inconvenience.
  8. I'm getting tired of watching you guys fight over this. Look sure you used a camera Hack on HG/SS to make it in that side view but doesn't that prove that the DS can still do more? And Consider this, You had to HACK it to do that, it's not the normal gameplay that everyday users can see and it proves that the DS still has more to offer. Another thing I think it would be a great idea for Nintendo to make B/W a DS game but add some great 3DS enhanced Features (Like Better 3D graphics, a better 3D battle system, ect...) it'd be great incentive for people to buy the 3DS. Just like what they did with G/S, You could play them on the Gameboy but if you played them on GameboyColor you got better graphics and features. Who knows what they could do depending on what the 3DS can do. I mean all it takes to do something like that is add more memory and if they can put 32gb in an SD card they can add more memory to a DS cartridge. And Just Like Crystal "Gray" will be 3DS only. PS: B/W are Generation V
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