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  1. Nvm i already figured out why. For those interested: i ran the loop from 0 to FFFFFFFF Thats why it took so long.
  2. Half and half. I started to work on it with a vb code and changed to c# while developing.
  3. Okay im Working on a Tool like Legality checker jsut an extended version. Its almost done but one thing is missing: Checking Algorythms for Chained shinys. Actually i Have a working algorythm but its way to slow! What i need now is a faster method wich takes about 2-3 secs to check, not like my code from 1 minute to up to 2 hrs. Heres my code (c#) -edit: already figured out Thanks in Advance =) Tw33ty P.s. You can post vb code aswell im familliar with it aswell
  4. celebi was catchable on japanese crystal versions, wich are not protable to DS games. Still, as azure flute has not been released, it is not legal officially, maybe its stats say legit but theres a difference
  5. shiny Celebi and Arceus cant be obtained since 10 aniv cant be shiny and Arceus is wondercard only.
  6. I just wondered because Platin got a lot of changes like new towns new hex values etc so maybe WC could have changed aswell and i Dont wnat to trade hacked events thats why
  7. NVM Someone form GBa Temp told me. I had to use Pointer codes It works now thanks anyways
  8. Okay I was so happy that i made my first code with calculator input and stuff and it worked yesterday. Tody i wanted to try it again and it didnt. I traced the Offset again and it was diffrent. I researched it 5 times by turning off and on and everytime its diffrent.... Here are my researches: 022A18AC 022A1914 022A1988 022A192C etc. Every restart the offset is a difrent one What i noted is that the 022a1 part is always the same... Actually now i want to know how to make a code wich knows wich offset is the current one ingame. Thanks
  9. I've tried out changing the hometown of the milotic to Platin and legit said hacked. I changed back to Diamond and it was legit again. SO the question now is where the fault is. Was it Nintendos WC or is it Legal? Edit: Ive just tried changing the hometown to pearl, Pearl also appears as hacked.
  10. Theres a Huge mistake i guess in that new version of Legal regarding the checking of VGC Milotics... They were only distrubuted to Platin Versions! (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_in_2009#Video_Game_Championships_2009_Milotic) I also had a talkback in irc with fenzo he confirmed it was only available on Platin versions. Well Legal only confirms Milotics from Diamond to be Legit. All platin Milotics Apear as hacked. Is this A egal bug now or did Nintendo Mess up again something with the Wondercards?
  11. Nah arceus will eb first time available in japan when the new movie starts. And theres no flute its a wondercard pokemon then.! Btw thanks for legal update! But you missed your build number it still says v 54-5
  12. Nvm I figured it out I used 4 rng calls instead of 5. Well but i wonder now what exactly makes the algorythm restricted?
  13. Heres my request: Code To set up the current chain ( the pokeradar one) to xx ( id like to have 40 and more than 100) Ive tried it on my own but the guide posted to me was broken so i couldnt find out anything about doing it on my own and google only gives shit
  14. Okay first of all i know how the rng works and ive read This Article over and over again. Well Ive wanted to use some of these Schiftings on my pokemon. Actually only ABCD shift works as its standarts. the rest come out as unkowns. SO now I wanted to know what part i am Doing wrong. For example: I call the rng and get as pid [ED075D97] ( i use this clal method: [pid][pid][iv][iv]) I shift it using BACD so i have [07ED5D97] and now? what do I do next? or is even this step wrong? Thanks in advance Tw33ty
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