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  1. So I was searching through my pokedex and I only have the Baltoy line left to complete the pokedex. So I fire up the GTS and look up baltoy. No results so I look up Claydol. The trainer icon couldn't even load before it outright crashed every time I tried. Are those hackers finally clogging up the GTS or is it down? Is there a fix?
  2. So I was going to use an emulator to play some games instead of crashing my debit card account. Some of them I would rather not use a screen as a controller. I was wondering if there was any emulators with controller compatibility like a ps4 controller. Can a ds emulator use a controller somehow?
  3. ¿Ha hecho algo como piratear el guardado o insertar elementos? Si hay algo, podría ser eso. También me gustaría informarle que el idioma principal aquí es el inglés, así que si puede, utilícelo.
  4. Completing the pokedex, to my knowledge, opens a flag for an NPC to give you the shiny charm. To my knowledge, pokedex progress and the shiny charm do not affect each other other than an NPC so it should work. If you have doubts try chainfishing 100 times and see what you get.
  5. Is there any steps to redeeming foreign events, like keyboard language? It might be a dumb question. Also I noticed that there is a tab for moves with 'Italic means relearnable' , is there a list for these event pokemon with non relearnable moves? I'm just concerned about my TRU Arceus with the signature moves.
  6. Since an event is coming in japan for Volcanion and Marshadow in Sword and Shield, I was wondering if I could use a Japanese language American switch and a copy of Shield with the same situation going. Is there any systems put in place to prevent this? I'm aware that some of these events do get an international release, but I just want to be safe since I don't have those two.
  7. Something interesting about the dynamax adventures legendary pokemon (what I think you are referring to) are the odds. They are pretty broken. The odds are affected by the shiny charm. The odds are; 1/300 w/o charm : 4/300 or 1/75 total chance for a shiny in the raid. 1/100 with charm : 4/100 or 1/25 total chance for a shiny in the raid. || Mod edit: I've stuck out the invalid shiny chance. That's not how probability works || All pokemon you encounter have their own shiny chance INCLUDING LEGENDARY POKEMON. You do not know the odds until the adventure is over at the take home pokemon screen. NOTE: you only get ONE legendary caught per save. https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/dynamaxadventures.shtml
  8. There IS an alternative to using cart (assuming you want those for event obtaining purposes) Wiimmfi is a great option instead of ebay. It is a fan made server that enables the wifi services for the ds and wii. It works by using the wifi dns to link to the server. This includes multiplayer and mystery gifts. You do not need to hack to do this. These gifts are considered legit due to how it's structured. It's like you were there to get the gifts. If you wish to do this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.shacknews.com%2Farticle%2F108512%2Fhow-to-unlock-gen-4-and-5-pokemon-mystery-events-in-2018&psig=AOvVaw0cgutBOsgolB7JimEkqxyh&ust=1603295268697000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwidp_q4wsPsAhUSWlMKHVy_AKYQr4kDegUIARCMAQ
  9. I recently used Wiimmfi on my copy of diamond and obtained the Azure Flute. I once managed to use the void glitch to obtain the Hall of Origin Arceus. What I am wondering is that are there any coding differences to these two arceus, arceuses, arcoos (as well as the infinite arceus void method). I have not used the Azure Flute yet due to in-game progression. I know that these things might/will not transfer past gen 5.
  10. Hola. Enumeraré los niveles de los ases de los entrenadores de cada gimnasio para ayudarte en el orden habitual. Tenga en cuenta que cada entrenador tiene un equipo completo y que el Alto Mando tiene 4 equipos posibles cada uno al azar, así que tenga cuidado porque no he llegado a esos. He visto equipos de jugadores en los 80 y 90. Los entrenadores del gimnasio: 16, 26, 33, 39, 44, 53, 56, 62. Espero que esto ayude un poco. Buena suerte amigo. Not to my knowledge. This is just Pokemon Platinum: hardcore mode git gud scrub version.
  11. The cute charm glitch has the most broken shiny odds ever. If your TID and SID are just right, you have a 20-30% chance for a gendered shiny pokemon. It is exclusive to gen 4. Here is a link for more information. It's going to be shorter than regular methods.
  12. In fact it seems like Mew is the only one to not be transferable due to the event not being reintroduced while Celebi was. Some Pokemon with certain egg moves (like odd egg lucky punch Pokemon) can be transferred as long as it has forgotten those moves. I'm unsure of event moves like surfing Pikachu. If you have a physical cartridge you can buy a device to transfer that data to the VC version before the battery dies. We should all already know what happens then. Hope this helps with further questions.
  13. That's probably why development starts around the same time as a earlier project about to release. i.e ORAS during XY. Streamlines the thing a bit more.
  14. As someone who has these I will break it down for you Wiimmfi has reopened the ds wfi service. This makes it possible to get them legit through a fan made server. Depending on which language you're using depends on what is available(i.e japan has shiny rayquaza while english has darkrai for black and white) So far I could transfer them all through the usual means. In terms of PKhex, as long as it has all the required flags and moves (i.e only moves it could learn+the event move) than it can pass the transporter check and beyond I'd imagine. If it has a special ribbon then it cannot trade via the GTS. In addition, for bw, if you delete the liberty pass wondercard than the Victini will be considered illegitimate. And yes, they have the special move pikachu for gens 4-5. Just go into the wifi dns settings. Gen 5 can function off of system settings while gen 4 needs an open wifi connection due to it functioning off the cartridge itself and not the system. for mystery gifts. for wifi related activities.You might need to copy it or use or in the secondary dns to get it to work. This also seems to sometimes unlock mystery gifts. Here's some poor quality examples
  15. I did not try that when I had b2, but wireless did work if that helps. But when I tried key link, it did not detect each other at all. Both had league and tree/tower champion status.
  16. Yes I tried to send a chamber key from white2 to black2 and yes, all three are retail carts.
  17. I was trying to get the keys for one of the chambers in b2w2 and it didn't work but when I try White and White2 the infrared works somehow. Is it some weird glitch or what? I was using Unova link for b2w2 (of course) and infrared trading for white and white2. I was using a basic 3ds and a 2ds.
  18. So recently I got a Greninja in a cherish ball with protein ability with a special ribbon and faithful encounter tag. But it also was obtained in march of this year. I put it in and out of Pokebank with no problem at all. It's ev's are normal as well. It had normal looking moves. How is this actually possible.
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