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  1. I saw this on GBAttempt, thank you so much! I will wait for the other tools to be finished (Did 4th gen ever get this many tools this fast?)
  2. The Roughneck Couple is actually one sprite, like how Cool Couples were back in DPtHGSS, instead of a 'Multi' battle, it's a normal double battle against 1 opponent whose name and sprite gives the appearence of 2.
  3. Though Draydon's Pant's will have to be tan, and his suspenders the same shade of purple as Iris' hair.
  4. I'm probally just stupid, but how do you work that compressor program? I successflly edited Burgh's OW but I need to replace him and a few other Trainers with these A better, less flamboyant Burgh, a better Roughneck (because BW's scrwany ones fail), a better face clown, DPtHGSS trainers whose sprites look better than their BW counterparts, a flipped Cynthia, and a Striato GL triple Battle Team based on which one you would face, each 16 colors!
  5. Some more stuff, a 'Thunder Bird' a Snapdragon, some BIG PECKS, some remade BW animations and a pixel over or 2.
  6. ^EVs are added imediately, so you don't loose out with Rare Candies now iirc.
  7. I'm smitten with Minccino, it's my Pikachu, so to speak. So here's my personal one- Cho Tail Slap. Iron Tail. Aqua Tail
  8. though owls don't hang near bridges either, they hunt things on the ground for the most part.
  9. though in defense, my servine with evolite took around 18 points of damage less than serperior against Brycen's Beartic (saved and tried both before the fight). The recovered a good chunk of it back.
  10. I think putting foreign pokemon in 'rare' spots would be cool, but the desert, where the most foreign pokemon would end up, has no rare patches. Mabye put the rare pokemon in the last slots for route 4...Trapinch, Cacnea, Baltoy... Also, on the Driftveil Bridge Pidgeotteo, Masquerian, Wingull, Taillow, Ducklett-by day Haunter by night. And digletts could share the dust circles with Drillbur.
  11. And how many flamethrowers do you incounter INGAME! the closest is Flame Burst, and that's only against Simisears. Shauntel's Chandelure is the only other pokemon iirc, INGAME who uses flamethrower. and when stalling, once you get the seeds up, you don't need to outspeed things. Clay's excadrill? LS and megadrain=death unless hax get's involved, Iris' Haxorus? same thing, INGAME most opponents have bad speed IVs or low Speed natures, or no EVs invested in them, outspeeding is easy there.
  12. Audino Sniping, run up a down outside some grass, when you hear the rustle, throw on a repel, go fight the Audino, profit, rinse and repeat. Good ol' Audino, the metal slimes of pokemon. Also, Cinncinco offer good exp, and are findable in shaky grass near Cold Storage. Also, ingame, Servine almost ouclasses Serperior, give it the Evolite (available before the 3rd gym) and let it learn Leech Seed, proceed to stall to death anything.
  13. I'm curious, how well goe the conversion to a 5th Gen PPRE?
  14. Darumaku is a bit OP with Hustle imo, sure it might miss, but if it hits...ouch... Of course, there's not many other options...
  15. I can state the trainer edits I suggested work wonders, my first playthrough of english White was done with those changes, it made a bit of a challange, and allowed for an easier dex fillup. I actually tried to dabble in a tutorial I had found to edit the wild Pokemon data in hex, but my R0m wouldn't work, becuase the line no longer existed, which was wierd since the game played normally.
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