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  1. Hi, 1. that's not a virus message, it's just a normal message for most downloaded software. Click "Weitere Informationen" and it will let you run it. 2. Until a few days ago Windows Defender acutally flagged SkyTemple as a virus. That has been cleared with Microsoft and it's no longer the case if you download the newest update of Windows Defender. There is no virus in SkyTemple.
  2. What you can definetly do is change the palette for the female border to be the same as the male. Otherwise I'd probably require some code changes to make that work.
  3. A new version was released! It contains dungeon editing, tileset editing, starter editing and so much more! See the updated main post for more details and a trailer!
  4. Hey! Great to hear you made progress! I actually haven't really played around with the map myself but I'd also like to find out how it works. Maybe it would be easier to do this more directly together on Discord and also I could have a look at that import bug you are having: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f The different modes might actually be the different kinds of maps... Isn't there a dedicated map for the future, maybe it's showing those markers instead? The progress should be controlled by the dungeon open list. But maybe the modes also have something to do with it...
  5. Parakoopa

    Dungeon Tilesets

    Static indexed PNG versions of the dungeon tilesets from the game (with their original palettes)
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