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  1. I want to join the bug catching contest to get a Scyther and wanted to evolve my Togepi all the way. I know you can get different evolution stones for winning so can you soft reset for different rewards?
  2. Imma be real with you, Bidoof. Think about it. It has access to most of the HMs, can be found early, and it evolves early too. The best HM slave by far.
  3. More or less. Now here's the interesting part; that 500 number is based on a LIFETIME encounter count, not a chain. The chain maxes around 25 or so. Unlike the chain, you can encounter another pokemon and still have that 500 encounter rate. Regardless, still try and get that shiny charm cause they are still pretty rare. I'm not sure on the max chain odd though.
  4. Would this mean that, hypothetically, that a void darkrai obtained after the title switch would be read as a diamond save void darkrai?
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    Hello. i'm also new here. Hi
  6. The official website gave us insight on the odds for pokemon defeated. The raid odds are LOCKED at 1/4096, charm or no charm.
  7. High quality stuff right here. May I request ya boy shiny metagross
  8. Disappointing but I appreciate it.
  9. I was wondering, since I am thinking of resetting my Ultra sun save, if I give a sun and moon save an own tempo rockruff egg and trade it back would it still have own tempo or would it work at all? Not planning on hatching it in sun and moon.
  10. This was my first real shiny encounter and it turned up male.
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