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    Sorry for necroing this post. We have new information about Gen 2 PCNY and are collating it now. One thing I can say real quick is that Mew was shiny, and only shiny. The DVs for shiny are limited too.
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    1. Off-topic. Don't post in this thread again, if the content is off-topic . (Topic is for contributions) 2. Not Possible on Switch Lite presently. Possibly not ever possible without new entrypoint exploits found. 3. Guide here. Read it. Not gonna PM ya.
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    Get them to trade you a Pokemon they caught themselves and get it from the OT tab when you check that Pokemon on PKHeX.
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    @Tre you’ve only mentioned that the OT and ID matches your friends trainer information. Did you make sure the SID you inputted matches the SID on their game as well?
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    Project Pokemon, I'm not sure how much longer I will be doing giveaways so I've decide to go ahead and make one of my automated trade bots public. Currently I am releasing my Wonder Trade bot to the public. If you'd like to use it feel, free, it will be attached to this thread. If you have any questions on how to use it, please, don't hesitate to ask. This software requires a 3DS, both old & new supported, with CFW/NTR & InputRedirection. I've also add a Twitch.TV integration to it, so your Wonder Trades can have a timer for your chat participants to see. It also supports synchronizing multiple consoles together. Here's a basic breakdown of how to operate it: Above is a screen shot of the UI. Pretty straight forward. 1) In the IP text box, enter the local IP address of the 3DS console you wish to connect to. 2) For the PK7 directory, select the folder on your PC that contains the PK7 (Pokemon) files you wish to Wonder Trade. Optional: If you would like your trades to have a countdown in your Twitch.TV channel, 1) Check the box "Enable chat countdown." 2) Enter the username of your bot into the Username text box. 3) Enter your oAuth Token into in the oAuth Token text box. (If you do not have an oAuth Token you can quickly have one generated by clicking the blue link) 4) Enter the channel name you want your bot to enter when performing the countdown. Synchronization: As stated above, you can also "sync" numerous consoles to trade at the same time, on the same timer countdown. To do so, open multiple copies of the application, also make sure to put each executable in their own folder! Assign each console you're connect to a unique Bot ID Number, and select how many trade bots you are using total. The sync directory can be any directory of your choice on your PC. The bot merely writes/deletes text files from this directory to perform the synchronization. Good luck, and enjoy! PK-Trader 1.1.zip
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    Oh, I must have been mistaken in that case. I assumed that the posts on Page 1 that were talking about Mew were referring to PCNY Mew, but if they were referring to Gen. 1 Mew then that makes a lot more sense. Shame these are stuck in Gen. 2, though. Would have been cool if Gen. 3 PCNY had these.
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    Glad to see work still being done to preserve valuable information such as this in 2019!!
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    event flags/constants are no longer reading from the correct byte array will fix sometime this weekend once I figure out the best way to do things
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    Honestly not sure if ROM hacking is still big these days, but I've decided to try and make a ROM hack. And hopefully one that doesn't crash. I've tried making GBA Pokémon ROM hacks, but I'd end up breaking them pretty badly, so I'm hoping I can get some people together to help me out with this. I will be using Pokémon Pearl for the base, and plan on making 2 version, similar to how they're done officially. Right now, I'm on the planning phase, as I want to first make the layout of the new region, as well as naming the region. I'm open to ideas, so if you got some, fire them at me, and I'll see what I think about them. I plan on making a new region, new Pokémon, New legendries, basically changing everything, making it feel like a new game, rather then a ROM hack. I plan on also making new Trainer sprites for the main characters throughout the journey, and maybe some for the trainers, depending on the limitations of what can be done. All in all, I have very limited knowledge of how to do this, so help is more then appreciated Update 1 December 5th, 2019 Not much progress has been made. Only maybe some small pokemon edits, but not much else. SDSME still crashes when trying to import sprites for Trainer Classes, so I'm pretty limited on what I can do at the moment. Maybe in time, when I get a better computer, could I possibly be able to make progress. I'll still get what I can done, to at least have something started to show off.
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    Well the problem with that is that PKHeX isn't even letting me change the constant. While I can edit the value, when I try to save the changes, the constant resets to what it originally was (in my case, 0). The changes just won't stick no matter what I've tried to do so I don't know if the latest version of PKHeX is treating the event constants as read-only or if something else is broken that's not allowing me to make a change and have it actually save. Also my ability to use the Underground itself for this project is not great. I don't have a Pearl or Plat save with Underground access handy and trying to make this Diamond save interact with itself in any sort of link conditions has been extremely hit-or-miss
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    Nothing ventured nothing gained.
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    i would like to suggest to make a card reader for the Nintendo switch if possible i don't like the fact that i have to home-brew it and possible damage my switch
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    Gen. 7 are card1. But this is encrypted save data, unless you are able to extract the required keys from the cartridge and someone makes a program that can do the decryption on PC, you can't do much with it.
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    I did not, but one of the lost pokemon was my first shiny, so "no" is not an option here. We are in "actively call Nintendo support and cry over the phone at them" territory here. I'm willing to physically cut the cartridge open if it might work. I'm willing to break into the turtle file and see if it keeps a record of the Pokemon transfered out to main series games (side note, what's the deal with turtle? why is it even called turtle?). There's gotta be an option.
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    Almost all distributions except PCNY have a met game of Ruby. It's static. Here are all 430 Mystry Mew: https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 3/ENG/Toys R Us/MYSTRY Mew Your Mew must match exactly!
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    Only if you have a Switch that has the same Nintendo Account as a hacked Switch, and you can transfer to save over via local communication. Else no
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    When you started your game, did you have your switch set to a particular date? The league card pulls it's 'registration date' from the date of your switch when you start your game. Aside from starting a new game w/ the date you want, there is no current way to change it in PKHex, but it's a request that is in AFAIK. Example, I wanted mine for Shield to match when I got Sword early, so I set my Switch date to the date when my Sword copy was started, and the registration date was the date I set it to on my Switch - November 13th 2019.
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    Delete secure value. But any modern save manager should already be doing this for you.
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    You're making a gen 8 format Pokémon.
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    so I finally found a fix for this. a guy on gbatemp recommended to deactivate ldn_mitm, and that was really the problem.
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    The news doesn't mention the distribution, but you will get a notification once you logged in. It links to this page https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/user/597b2278-652d-435b-8827-e32cbbdd283c/ By the way if anyone needs a code, I have 1 to share!
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    Thanks to the wonderful time exploit and help from @theSLAYER and some local friends, a legit collection of Gmax appears! Also, my Poke Ball Plus arrived, so here's Mew!
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    Planned contributions: Meowth - theSLAYER Quest T-shit - theSLAYER Tracksuit - theSLAYER
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