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    Apologies to the moderators if bumping a two year thread violates any rules, but I’m interested in any work being done in this area and may be able to contribute. Thanks suloku for this excellent research. Could anyone who has edited N64 save files provide some additional info on: Endianness of bytes (big/little) Other checksums across the data sections that would need to be updated when the regions detailed above are modified. Any other relevant research or implementations of dumping or editing the registered Pokemon (or other Pokemon stadium save data) including different formats and lengths of save files. It would cool to see a fully fledged Pokemon Stadium 2 editor, and this provides a great starting point for any developers. Thanks.
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    Images above are from XY, ORAS, SM and USUM, respectively. Disclaimer This guide requires a hacked 3DS, and will use Luma3DS LayeredFS to achieve the desired result. Note: this ROM patch may affect some event redemptions. Wonder cards that have preset/fixed PID may get their PID overwritten and end up being shiny. Those specific cases will be illegal. (I experienced this with Ash-Greninja) For in-game playthrough, only non-shiny locked encounters and gifts will appear shiny. Do not recall if this affects in-game trades (probably not). Unlike shiny patches of previous generation games, these Pokémon retain their shininess even when transferred to games that do not have the shiny patch. While PK3DS does have a shiny rate editor, this guide is for people who somehow can't get it to work (maybe computer compatibility issues, unable to extract all the necessary files from the games, etc), or simply doesn't like to use it. Additional Misc. Info While it is possible to compile the edited code.bin into a .3DS/.cia, that is not the focus of this tutorial. Do note that if you're running a version of the game that is updated (i.e you have the update patch installed), you'll have to dump the exefs.bin of the update patch instead. Instructions for this step is included below as well. If you have the update patch installed, and you use the exefs.bin/code.bin from the main game (instead of the one in the update patch), it will definitely result in a crash when the game is being loaded. Additionally, this patch will not work on any entries that's shiny locked, and it also won't work on entries that use a different method of generating their PIDs, such as non-legends/non-UB wild Wormhole encounters, Partner Cap Pikachu, Poké Pelago etc. The 4 easy steps: 1. Extracting the exefs.bin 2. Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin 3. Performing the edit 4. Pasting the code.bin into Luma Extracting the exefs.bin Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin Performing the edit Pasting the code.bin into Luma Congratulations, shinies await you! Original source of this method is from our one and only, @SciresM. This method was adopted from his tweet back during Pokémon Sun & Moon's release. It took me a while, but I've come to realize the leading bytes were exactly the same across the 3DS Pokémon games, making this method work for Gen 6 and 7 3DS games. View full tutorial
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    oh my gosh, thank you so much. youtube tutorials should really include that aspect :'^) But really, thank you so much for the help. I deeply appreciate it
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    The problem is that PMD uses different animations for sleeping in a dungeon vs. sleeping in a bed. I think it might be possible to copy them over for specific Pokémon using @psy_commando's sprite editor, but I've never done that before myself.
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    Off the top of my head, there’s a Gen 6 event (here) or Gen 7 event (here) with Surf as one of the moves. Drag the wonder card directly into your box, change the origin game and region to match event details. Besides those 2, there's also an in-game Pikachu that can be received in USUM (here). For this, you can change OT, TID, SID to yours. Region can simply follow your game. Note: PKHeX doesn’t flag it if the region details is wrong, make sure double check which region 3DS can receive the event. The file and region info would be listed on our Downloads > Event Gallery.
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    Ta-da! Problem solved! The problem was a 'Window Update' in my laptop. Ever since I bought my laptop 6 months ago, I haven't upgraded Windows even once. Which means, I was using old Windows 10 version untill now! So, it was a old Window system that was blocking the PKHeX from running. Immediately, I upgraded my Windows 10 (which took sooooo long because I postponed so many updates untill now on), and extract PKHeX file. As you can see, it perfectly opens now! Thanks for all who helped me so far!
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    After following my instructions try right clicking and Run as Administrator (shield icon) to open PKHex.exe It is quite possible you don't have proper permissions. For example, is this a work computer controlled by an IT department? Are you on a virtual profile? Is the computer locked down in any way? Do you have elevation permissions (run applications as admin?) Another example, It is common for a work laptop to need to be connected to the work network in order to access your profile from the windows server. If you are not at work then you will not have access to your profile and you will not have any icons on your desktop or be able to create local app data folders and files.
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    Have you ever wanted to re-battle boss fights from the evil organizations? Have you ever wanted to re-battle a Gym Leader without having to worry about calling them or meeting them on the right day, or whether or not they are in the Battleground Café? Have you ever wanted to battle a member of the Elite Four or a Champion without having to fight through the others first? Have you ever wanted to battle Gym Leaders from Hoenn in the 4th Generation battle mechanics? Have you ever wanted to battle these trainers on a balanced level 100 playing field? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then take a look at Pokemon Showdown! Showdown is a twist on the old Gym Leader Castle mode from the Pokemon Stadium games which features 104 trainers from 4 different regions in 99 different battles. The goal: An HGSS ROM hack of the Battle Frontier, where key trainers hang around outside, waiting to be rebattled whenever you walk up to them. Most trainers will feature their rebattle teams from the Platinum Battleground or HGSS Dojo, but all will be at level 100. You use Pokesav/Pokegen/whatever to add your own level 100 team to challenge all of the trainers in any order at any time. There are no prizes for winning, it is just for the sake of battling. Description/Mini-guide Included Trainers: The majority of these trainers have been taken straight from their trainer data from their rematches on either Platinum (from the Battlegound) or HGSS (from the Dojo). Several teams were created from scratch with specific themes in mind, and most of the Generation III trainers' teams were based off of their respective rematch teams, but updated to fit better with Generation IV (physical/special split, weak moves replaced, etc). --February 15 Update-- -Version 1 Release- The first "final" version of Showdown is now ready. All trainers are in, all battle sprites work, and we've added an intro and title screen logo thanks to Poryhack. The released patch is for HG only, but I'll have one ready for SS when I get it working. Instructions: - Download and apply patch to a US ROM of HeartGold - Begin game, proceed to the point in-game where you receive a Pokemon from your mother. - Save and quit. - Edit your save file using Pokegen (or other software) to give yourself a team (you have no badges, so make sure your pokemon have your own OT/ID/SID so that they will obey you). - Trying to exit to the south will cause you to meet an NPC that will give you the Running Shoes and the Bicycle. - Speaking to almost any trainer will start a battle. - Your Pokemon are healed automatically after every battle, but consumable items (berries, Power Herb, White Herb, Focus Sash) are not replaced, so be sure to bring extras. Tips for a more enjoyable/challenging experience: - Set the Battle style to SET (not Shift). None of this "Trainer is about to send out a (x)"... makes it too easy. - Do NOT use items such as potions or revives. The Trainers in-game have none. - Using an advantageous type against a Gym Leader (ie, Electric vs. Misty) may prove to be far too easy against their mostly mono-type teams, so try to avoid using such types. - Try to see how many of the trainers you can beat using the same six Pokemon. - Bond697 has suggested setting your own Pokemon levels lower (90 or so) for a more interesting challenge. You will gain experience after each battle, but as there is no progress in this mod there is no need so save, so you can just reset the game to return to your original level. Things I'd like to include in a future update: - Automatic restoration of consumable hold items - Copying over battle music from Platinum - Reassigning/scripting Battle music for different battles/trainer classes (don't know how to do this yet) - Platinum trainers' "VS" battle introductions (don't know how to do this yet) - Changing the area music in the Battle Tower and Dojo (don't know how to do this yet) - Adding in in-battle text for Trainers from Plat who had such text (don't know how to do this yet) (any help with research on the above would be greatly appreciated) Special Thanks: Alpha for getting this project started, doing the primary scripting, and teaching me everything I know about ROM hacking. Poryhack for the header icon, intro screen, logo, and other image/design support. Codr for helping me get the last, custom battle sprites inserted. wraith89 and randomspot555 for suggestions on team design. SCV for help and support with pokeDSpic and PPRE. CuleX for putting up with me talking about this so much. Bond697 for some beta testing and awesome positive feedback. Archive/Original Post patchlink..txt
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