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    Hello: This is a save game I have after I participated in the Spanish 2000s Pokemon Championship in July 2000. The save has 2 Mews: the original L5 Mew I received from the Nintendo staff during the tournament (It's been almost 20 years but I think i traded through N64 Pokemon Stadium) and a second Mew from Australia. I got a save game in a Australian Pokemon forum back then, uploaded it to my friend's Pokemon Red and traded it to my own game. I used the Australian Mew to play the game so it's at level 100, EV trained and has custom moves. I wished I had kept it in pristine condition but it was my favorite pokemon back then. The Spanish Mew was legitimately traded but you'd have to take my word on that, they didn't give us any certificate. The save game is for the Spanish version of Pokemon Yellow, it won't work on the English version. Regards, Pokemye.sav
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    The save was too big, and wouldn't open on PKHeX. Luckily, splitting it in half was enough Contains 2 LUIGIW Mew from @Allegedly137. It appears one is untrained. pokemon_red_dex_2mews1.sav
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    Ok guys! Here they are! Both of the Mews in this one file! Box one. I was stubborn and wanted to do the use the save data transfer stuff myself, mostly because it sounded like a fun thing to mess around with and I wanted to backup my gameboy camera stuff too~ I traded the mews off the the blue and yellow they were originally in onto this file. I did back up both that blue and yellow before doing this, if for whatever reason this file is a problem (missingno did briefly visit back in the day but was promptly deleted after realizing he wasn't safe. Didn't mess with him much.) I have searched high and low for my certificates of authenticity. I really really doubt I got rid of them, but alas they aren't where I expected them to be. I swear I will return to this forum if they ever show up, even if it's a few years from now. I may have higher quality pictures of my photos on a floppy they gave out, if preservationists want them and the files aren't corrupted yet. pokemon_red_dex_2mews.sav
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    Hopefully this is a good place to add to this with some findings: First off, for B2W2, the block for Battle Subway starts at 0x21B00 (instead of 0x21D00), but otherwise it's pretty much the same, so just change that and you're good. 0x21D2C was indeed some "Continue" flag, specifically for Single Trains. When I did a full set of 7 wins it changed to 02. I changed the current/record wins to 14 from the info we already had and changed that to 03, and on my next set I got the subway boss (who pops at match #21). Immediately after unlocking Super Single Train, I changed its current/record wins to 49, and also changed 0x21D36 to 07, and also got the boss at the end of the next set of 7 I did. For a full list: Current/Latest Wins: 0x21D08 - Single 0x21D0A - Double 0x21D0C - Multi w/NPC 0x21D0E - Multi w/ Friend 0x21D12 - Super Single 0x21D14 - Super Double 0x21D16 - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D18 - Super Multi w/ Friend Record Wins: 0x21D1A - Single 0x21D1C - Double 0x21D1E - Multi w/NPC 0x21D20 - Multi w/Friend 0x21D24 - Super Single 0x21D26 - Super Double 0x21D28 - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D2A - Super Multi w/ Friend "Continue" Flag - Should be desired amount of sets completed +1: 0x21D2C - Single 0x21D2E - Double 0x21D30 - Multi w/NPC 0x21D32 - Multi w/ Friend 0x21D36 - Super Single 0x21D38 - Super Double 0x21D3A - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D3C - Super Multi w/ Friend You can basically see that they just move in increments of two bytes, with just a single gap between the normal and single trains. I suspect that's the Wi-Fi train stats. I am currently in the process of confirming the two Double Trains and the Multi Trains w/ NPC but there should be no reason for the rest to be any different. TL;DR Assuming you have a Super Train unlocked, set it's continue value to 07 and it's current/record wins to 2A and profit. You don't technically even need the record wins but might as well. Huge thanks to Saternoir for finding the initial data >.<
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    I appreciate your efforts for this translation! Also, it reads like a scam e-mail XD All that is missing is to send $1000 to Bill to validate the transaction, so that he can send the Celebi over ><
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    I have a save file with 2 Mews, one from an Australia event and the one I got in Spain. Both Mews have the same IV but different trainer name and Id. Australia: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 20824, OT NAL (level 100, EV trained: 383 288 270 278 292). Spain: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 01495, OT EUROPE (level 5, no trained: 25, 16, 15, 15, 16). I got the one from Australia around April-May 2000 and the Spanish one in July 2000. My assumption is that every Mew from that time had the same stats, it would be much of a coincidence that the version in Australia and the version in Spain had the same. I haven't check other posts on this forum but I would bet the UK and Danish versions are the same.
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    Just realized I forgot to post the translation of the letter.... here it goes
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    Is there a way i could edit the shiny odds to 1/100 in fire red and could keep its shiny form when transfer to different games? Trying to make a rom hack Thank You -Unproxified
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    I see where you're seeing the error, but placing it in a position in the box makes it legal. Although, placing it in the box inherently modifies it to fix some inconsistencies. Is this your self-caught Raichu, or did you receive this Raichu as a pk7 file from someone else? There is nothing wrong with the Raichu itself, the only thing it's detecting is the Latest (Not OT) Handler, so I would believe you obtained this as a pk7 from someone else. It's detecting that the handler is still the OT of the person who caught it, but putting in a trainer name for the Not OT Handler will fix it.
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    Ok, amm... This was really tedious, here you go. Pokemon - Emerald.sav You're welcome.
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    Short answer: Make it as an egg it's not a solution... If you want to fix your Pokémon assign Method 1. Next time search, as @Kaphoticssays.
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    Gee, if only there were threads with the same exact title requesting help for this exact same issue. These "legality error codes" aren't cryptic; just google them and you'll find topics discussing them. And if that fails, the source code is public, and you can find where the legality messages are being yielded. You're playing on an emulator, which doesn't emulate the retail hardware precisely. Minor inaccuracies -> invalid PKM, occasionally. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/47343-problem-invalid-encounter-type-pid-mismtach-3gen/?do=findComment&comment=235731
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    The GUI doesn't scale. If you wanna write the code to support scaling and submit a pull request on GitHub, I'll consider merging it (assuming it's not hacky).
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    I was wondering wether it was at all possible to make eggs with held items? i've seen some before and wanted to know if i could do it too
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    You're welcome, if you want more pokemons contact me.
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    In here are your pokemons, for HG, SS, Diamond, Pearl, and Patinum. 399 - BIDOOF - AB08F0EE31E4.pk4 228 - SHELLDON - DDFA3AE40EEC.pk4 418 - RENACUAJO - D8A9F0EE31E4.pk4 483 Dialga.pkm
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    Yes, it is easy, you just edit the egg and add the item, but the pokemon is considered ilegal.
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    You can get Spring Meloetta by PKHEX. In here is the Spring Meloetta file in SPA, ENG, ITA, FRA, and GER versions. In here you download PKHEX:https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1-pkhex/ 129 Spring Meloetta ENG [PPorg].pgf 129 Spring Meloetta ITA [PPorg].pgf 129 Spring Meloetta SPN [PPorg].pgf 129 Spring Meloetta GER [PPorg].pgf 129 Spring Meloetta FRA [PPorg].pgf
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    Current tree list: trees.txt I don't see route 42; odd.
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world's first ever Pokemon XD:GoD hack! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Features: Physical/Special Split Gen VII type matchup chart including fairy type New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon Over 100 Shadow Pokemon Over 50 Shadow Moves Over 75 Wild Pokemon Moves and abilities from later generations Mostly Gen VII Game Mechanics More challenging opponents Corrupted Save files Download Change Log: Known Bugs: Notes: How to patch: Recommended Dolphin Settings: provided by @Grip55 FAQs: Special Thanks @Tux @psy_commando @Tiddlywinks @Made_s @Ddeathscythe
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    Hmm...never got that comment. Seems odd to do extra steps, if a pk8 is available/provided. I just sent OP the files. Have a great day!
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    Hey i checked your pokemons and nothing seems to be wrong. The Legal checker seems to say it's legal. The only thing i can think is the OT in combine with the TID and SID which is different on every pokemon. I hope you can fix it. Best of luck
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    An .iso is basically the game disc itself in digital format in this context. You just need to obtain it (just google "pokemon xd rom usa", can't share it since that's not allowed/legal) and follow the instructions page 1. Make sure the ISO is around 1.36GB.
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    Hello! I have a problem with the download link, the error is 502 Bad Gateway and nginx/1.10.3. Can someone help me, please?
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    Small list: Mew Lapras Ho-Oh Celebi Dragonite
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    INGLES (Hello, I am a player, my name is Jimmy, I am a collector, I have some Pokemon which I want to edit the ID and EO, others that I just want to change their nature, put some tapes. I am not looking to upload the evs or ivs and even less to make them shiny I need a little help We can duplicate them so we can all be fine please. Please I need help) ________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL (Hola, soy un jugador me llamo Jimmy soy soy coleccionista, tengo unos pokemon el cual quiero editar el ID y EO, otros que solo quiero cambiar su naturaleza, poner algunas cintas. No busco subirles los evs ó ivs y menos volverlos shiny necesito una pequeña ayuda Podemos duplicarlos para así estar todos bien por favor. Porfavor necesito ayuda)
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    Duplicate me the Pokemons and I can edit them.
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    Full Documents Related to the Distribution: In the Fall of 1998 Nintendo Power held a contest to “Win Mew for your Pokémon collection!” 151 winners of this contest would be given the chance to mail their cartridge into the Nintendo Power Headquarters and receive it back with a brand-new mew on their game save. Contest winners were notified by mail by 2/28/1999 that they had won the contest, making this the earliest known Mew distribution in the west. Recently while browsing reddit, I ran across a post from Th4tGuyUKn0 showcasing his Original Red cartridge that was one of the lucky recipients of this contest. After scrolling through the thread, Th4tGuyUKn0 stated that the battery on the game had not yet dried out; upon reading this I immediately messaged him explaining Project Pokémon and asked him if he would be interested in dumping his game save. Luckily, he was all for it! The only problem was he could not remember which of his five Pokémon cartridges he left the mew on, and did not want to risk draining the more than two decades old cartridge battery by checking. Th4tGuyUKn0 graciously decided to send me all of his cartridges so that I could backup the saves and hopefully find the mew. With the amazing research done by @suloku on these save files, we are confident that we have found the Mew in question. In the Pokemon Blue game save we discovered a Mew with the TID 51273 (the same Mew ID# printed on the back of the cartridge) and the OT ‘MARIO’. Suloku has concluded that this Mew is definitely legit. It shares the exact same DVs as the YOSHIBA Mew, matches Mew machine distributions data-wise, and has the same OT Nintendo character naming convention that several forum posts from 2000~ reference. While this does raise questions about what distribution the supposed ‘NINTEN’ Mews are a part of, this Nintendo Power Mew is most certainly legit. Suloku was also able to find the Mew in the red save file as a deleted Pokémon (moved or deleted pokémon can be found in box savedata if it was not overwritten by another pokémon being stored in the same slot). Attached is the the .pk1 of the 1998 Nintendo Power 'MARIO' Mew. Thanks very much again to Th4tGuyUKn0 for sending and trusting us with these cartridges and Suloku for all of the great research, none of this would have been possible without them. Happy holidays and enjoy! 151 - MEW - C23C.pk1
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    Hi, I'm new and I need a level 20 bidoof, hondour, and buizelfor Gen 4 SS Thank you and if you can also a level 100 dialga
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    I used PGE's tool to add more moves, but the additional moves are all being read as physical by the game. Any pointers on what might be going wrong? EDIT: Ok, so what actually seems to have happened is that the patch I used for adding the split actually adds the three icons (Physical/Special/Status), and a bit of code that assigns the correct icon based on the data in the original range - it does not get repointed or have its range expanded when PGE adds move indices. However, the actual calculation works fine, even for the new moves (tested by modding Pokemon to have 0 ATK or SP. Attack and then using moves whose types did not match their Special/Physical status.)
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    I already saw a code for the black and white us versions, but none for the black 2 and white 2 us versions(just a jp versions). Does anyone have a code for the fateful meloetta(preferably not above lvl.50)?
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    I've had a conversation relating to this: So, I do not know what happens if a mon goes to Gen 7 first from Gen 6, But, mons that Gen 6 - > Bank -> HOME -> SWSH keeps their OT memories. I can't be sure, but I think they're wiped. You can export the mon's file in PKHeX for a Gen 6 -> Gen 7 transfer and check.
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    You can use dolphin emulator if your wii isn't homebrew able to decript bin savefiles. Pkhex doesn't support my pokémon ranch? I saw something in the code one or two weeks ago and thought it was supported, but never got to test it. EDIT: I decripted it for you using dolphin (needs a nand to be created, either by installing a wii OS wad or any wad at all). Gonna try extracting the mons too (time to remember how to use my own program lol) EDIT 2: pkhex supports my pokémon ranch, so just drag and drop the savedata.bin file onto it. Be careful though, any pokémon marked as illegal is most likely leftover data in the ranch savefile, as many of them don't have any moves neither original trainer. Just dig trough the pokémon and find yours. Some seem to be hacked pokémon, maybe you used a cheating device or traded a lot? EDIT 3: I've looked at the savefile with my program. There are pokémon of 2 different trainers/games in the savefile, alongside hailey's pokémon. I don't know how pkhex handles this. If you drag and drop savedata.bin onto PR-extractor.exe you will get all the .pkm files (they are the same as pk4 files, the pk4 wasn't a standard when I coded the apps). They will be sorted by each of the different trainers they were deposited, and hailey's pokémon will also be named differently (you most likely want to left those out, since those are the pokémon hailey trades you when the conditions are met). EDIT 4: on further checking, it seems pkhex shows the pokémon in order: first haile's (your save has 44 of them, only 4 being in a "legal" state), then the pokémon for each trainer are also in order. Use whatever method you prefer. savedata.bin
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    I'm not to familiar with PokeFinder, but does it give you the option to find a Method 1 spread? If you can search PIDs using Method 1 use that since the Lapras that you get in Silph Co. uses Method 1.
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    It worked great! Thanks a lot for your help and your explanations, so happy to have my charizard in gen 4 haha
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    Hello, I've got a Spanish Mew from the 2000 Spanish Championship... I posted here originally but moved the text to the Gen I - V Event Contributions Thread.
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    In Pokeball Friend code bobby Trainer bobby
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    Happy New Year, ProjectPokémon! I finished adding Rowlet to Explorers of Sky. It does not replace any existing mon, but one of the unused dummies in the files. I wanted to share the results with the forum. The files can be downloaded following this link. EDIT: female Rowlet was glitched due to me copypasting the same information for both male and female entities and forgetting to switch the actual gender. In the current download it is fixed, as well as adding Dartrix and Decidueye's data but not their proper sprites (I will finally start working on them). The latter means the download now has three folders for portraits and .xml files for Dartrix and Decidueye, which need to be dragged alongside Rowlet's. In order to install, it is recommended to follow these steps: Create a new Solution for your rom with SkyEditor. We'll use this tool for starter and portrait editing. In case you need a tutorial for initiating those mods, evadinxon explained how it works: Drag the files in the "SkyEditor files" folder into your Portrait mod folder. The latter is found in your SkyEditor solution's folder after creating its respective project (see tutorial above). As for the starters, modify both leader and partner options as you wish. In order to include Rowlet, you'll need to put the first dummy right after Giratina's second entry as an available option. Do not forget to save the starter editing file. Replace the "BaseRom/Raw Files/data/MONSTER" files with the ones provided in the "data/MONSTER" folder of the download link. This step can be made at any time before making the rom in the final step, but it is very important to get it done as it contains all of Rowlet's overworld sprites. Next, we are going to make use of psy_commando's StatsUtil tools and tutorial, specifically the ones in the following post. We are not using the StatsUtil utility available in SkyEditor because the strings do not seem to be modified (and thus Rowlet would appear as "??????????" which we do not desire). We build the Solution (after saving everything) in SkyEditor, and then we have two options: either drag the new rom into the recently provided "pmd2_modding_setup" folder and extract the rom files following the tutorial, or add manually the edits available in the Starter and Portrait mod folders to our main BaseRom folder (that is, by dragging all Raw Files folders found in those two mods to the one found in BaseRom), then take the new Raw Files to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory renamed as "rom". I suggest this second method due to issues I had while trying extract the ROM following psy_commando's tutorial, but theoretically both methods should work. Drag the pokenames.txt in the "StatsUtil files (which has two options depending of your ROM: EUR or USA)" folder to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory, then follow the decompilling step in psy_commando's tutorial. Drop the rest of the files found in "StatsUtil files" again to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory, then go to romstats/pokemon_data and delete 0537___________.xml (you should now have 0537_Rowlet.xml next to it). This is to avoid any possible problem for having unneccesary files. Another note regarding this step is that we have a 0536_Giratina.xml file. Replacing the old one with ours is required for Rowlet's stats growth, as the program displaces this particular data by one entry. Giratina-O is not affected by this (tested in my most recent EoS run). Press "3a_CompileEverythingAndMakeRom" and the Rowlet-enhanced rom should appear as rom.nds there! Didn't open my own thread as it is still fairly incomplete: Dartrix and Decidueye are in the data, but their sprites are the same as Rowlet's, and some little details (species items, the footprint) need to be implemented. I also wanted to showcase how useful psy_commando's tools (and SkyEditor too) can be. The Rowlet line cannot appear in any dungeon at the moment as encounters cannot be modified, so it will have to either be your starter or the partner. Credits to: psy_commando and evadinxon for their tools, which are the basis of this project. End45, for helping me out with the stats growths and strings issues. The user Nightmare from Pokémon Reloaded: el foro (hope this doesn't count as advertising). My sprites are heavily based on his walking, attack and damaged animations. All those who gave (or give, if this post is well received) feedback to my posts. That is all. If by any chance you want all Rowlet's graphics separately, it is here as well as in my first post.
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    Ok so this is what I got now: 0x21D08 is current wins - single subway 0x21D1A is record wins - single subway 0x21D0A is current wins - double subway 0x21D1C is record wins - double subway 0x21D0C is current wins - multi subway with npc 0x21D1E is record wins - multi subway with npc I didn't test but I suspect that 0x21D0E and 0x21D20 are for multi subway with friends and last 0x21D12 is current wins - super single subway 0x21D24 is record wins - super single subway didn't test the others in super yet (i might do it now and come back with the exact offsets) I suspect that 0x21D2C could be a flag that sets either if you are still in a challenge or not (since it changes from 00 to 01 as far as I saw) either way, i saw that if you change the values here, they don't change the flag of super subways, i might have to check the events offset and compare it to my clean save (no subway battles)
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    Due to concerns over malicious code, we have forked the WC Tool here, where we can support it and update as necessary. The release 0.1e has been compiled directly from the source by me and if there are still false positives, then there is not much we can do. The app has no external dependencies, and the targeting version has been upgraded to v4.7.2 in case of issues with the CLR.
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    pk3DS only edits 3DS games. If you want to edit Switch games, use pkNX. For previous games, use another program
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    I created a sprite sheet for Kris using Kotone's as a base. Is it possible for someone to make a mod to replace Kotone with Kris? And would anyone here be interested?
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