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Clone on 3DS then transfer to Home for specific sizes in S/V/PLA


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Ok i really did not know how to title this or how to explain my self well.

I want my mon that i transfer from old games to have specific sizes.

Only problem, when i transfer some mon, to test, in Home and then in PLA/S/V, after the recent updated that fixed the 0 scale bug, i found out that what for me was the ideal Salamance is now mid mini size, small but not small enough to get the mini mark.

So i know that is impossible to controll what size the transfer mon get, but before transfering my old team i want to be sure they al get the sizes i wanted. Like a small Sylveon for exemple.

So i ask the question: if i transfer multiple clones, by copy and paste the mon in pkhex in the US save file before transfering, and i send them to Home will they get deleted? Stopped for entering or they will just get different home tracker each and then i can remove the "unwanted" mon in home?

I know is confusing but my english is not the best and i really did not know how to word the question in the title.

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4 hours ago, SkyLink98 said:

Tou can clone mons in 3DS games and send them up to Home, no issues.

So evrey mon is gonna get a different HOME tracker? I ask becouse i never tried to transfer clone of the same mon in home, especialy after the BDSP limitation. I know it was restricted to BDSP and for a time even Shedinja in SW/SH, but i jst wanna make sure.

Especialy becouse like i said im gonna delete the mon that are not in the scale i wanted (not necessarly for the mini or jumbo mark). Also i read that there is gonna be another maintence soon, guess i will wait after the 12 of this month before trying.

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14 hours ago, Shady Guy Jose said:

Yes, every pre-Gen-7 clone gets a different HOME tracker. I've transferred a few technically cloned mons from Gen 4 (reload old save, transfer again) and I've had zero issues.

For now im gonna simply wait for the maintence of today, then im gonna give it a shot.

Also this is how i wanted to transfer my ribbon masters and teams, just bring them all over up to gen7 then make a save, reaload that save and so on.

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