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Pkmn.Bin Topic -- Upload your darlings here!

Torte de Lini

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In honor of the Upload Bin.

As most of you guys know, instead of the upload bin, we are now able to upload any/pkmn files to each of our posts with ease. However, this simply does not substitute the beauty and community of the sharing our favourite pokemon to one another.

In order to maintain order and civility, I have applied a few rules, I cannot enforce these, but those who support this topic/ idea may enforce them if needed.

Here are a number of rules, if you feel the need that a new rule should be added, please private message me them with haste and I will add it if necessary:

  • This is not a topic to request pokemon, please make your own topic to request for your own specific pokemon
  • By uploading your pokemon, you are subject to these rules, thus all rules made here and in the future apply to you
  • Please be honest when you upload pokemon, do not claim a pokemon is an authentic event pokemon if you created it yourself. We have some very knowledgeable and stern people who will not hesitate to call you out.
  • If you hacked or created a pokemon (event or not) to replicate an authentic one, please state so.
  • Please add comments or small notices we should know about, about your pokemon if there is anything we should be aware of (i.e knows an illegal move, golden magikarp, etc. etc.)
  • Please do not name any of your pokemon after discriminatory insults, racist remarks or controversial topics. We respect everyone from all backgrounds, thank you.

*I will report all falsely-claimed pokemon. Though, I am hoping moderators/ administrators will delete all posts that do not conform to these rules, please? ;D

Some of these rules are mere suggestions actually.

In any case, I will begin:

Shiny Magikarp (Pokesav. made), Hex Values were not specific, PID/IV were not generated. No EVs were touched.

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I am working on obtaining all of the in-game received Pokemon from Diamond, keeping them untouched and all that stuff. I managed to do that with the three starters and I traded them over to my Platinum cart.

But I don't have a flashcart. If someone who does can get in touch with me.

I'm in the chat and have AIM, same user name as here.

You can PM me, but I'd prefer chat or AIM since I like being able to communicate in real-time.

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I'm in the middle of making eeveelutions .pkm files. I have a one done already and I'll put up more when I get the time.

[ATTACH]87[/ATTACH] The one i use in Pearl, same moves, legit, lv100


The ones i use in Pearl, same moves, legit, lv100


Edited by RJFLA
more .pkm files
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This pokemon is so close to great, all it needs are some new moves. This pokemon can't deal any damage unless it uses struggle, and all of the moves have 0 PP, so you should go to the pokemon center to heal it when (or if) you get it, or fix the file before you put it in your game.

P.S. It would be strange to watch the animation in the spoiler on your sig backwards, RJFLA. :creep:

P.P.S. You should click all max on the stats to fix them, I forgot to do that before I posted. By the way, It is a Lv.100 Blastoise and I don't think many/any of the moves are legit.

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  • 1 month later...

oke here are some i made all legit and made from scratch with pokesav



[ATTACH]648[/ATTACH](non shiny)


[ATTACH]650[/ATTACH](moves not done yet)

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Shiny non-hatched Pokesav'd and hopefully legal Starmie. It was created using SCV's PID/IV generator and careful usage of Pokesav. Nonetheless, there might be problems with it.

It's accidentially a non-storage Pokemon. It'll be probably broken if you put it in your party, though.

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Here's my "God's (Arceus') Messenger" Absol.

It has Judgement, Aeroblast, Draco Meteor, and Doom Desire.

Max EVs and IVs. OT: Creator ID: 11483 SID: 38411

And Rash nature to promote it's SpAtt arsenal. (Will make a PhysATT version later)

Enjoy If you wanna try it.

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Here's a couple of Pokémon who are missing from the main list of Pkmn file downloads (by which I mean http://projectpokemon.org/editing/pokesav/pokesavpkmfiles.php )

Aipom, Corsola and Taillow all hatched from eggs. Their parents were hacks, but they, themselves are legitimate.

The Raikou file is an event Pokémon. I downloaded it from the Pokésav site quite a while ago, so quite surprised it wasn't in the list *shrugs*.

More to come!

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I love breeding Pokemon! I perfer breeding rather than battling.

so here's my first three breeds posted here




Meowth has egg moves Hypnosis & Assist

Elekid has egg moves DynamicPunch & Cross Chop

Magby has the same egg moves as Elekid

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i was playing Crystal and thought up this crazy idea...

Here's The Odd Egg Pokemon, Igglybuff & Starter Totodile!



Just like in Crystal, Igglybuff knows Dizzy Punch

Totodile is basically legal other than the met place

Both met in Johto (from Traveling Man)


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