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E3 Preview: Question


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I had Riolu as my starter, and it can NOT learn Aura sphere. The only way to have that move is beat Darkrai to allow Riolu to evolve. Then find a Sun Ribbon through some random missions ( i can give you a wonder mail s code ) and go to Luminous spring, now you can evolve Riolu to Lucario. Afterwards go to Electivire Link shop in order to remember a move, and choose Aura sphere.

Note that you can not evolve before defeating Darkrai.

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*re-opens thread. Mewtwo Ex just HAD to reply[/sarcasm]*

You didn't know? How did i miss the chance to enlighten you (as Wraith says a lot)?!

Well, the Spinoff forum is dead a lot, so you probebly just didn't look.

I think I might steal that phrase Wraith89 has (If he doesn't want me to sue it, he's a ghost, and I'm an ace ghost buster currently providing secret protection from the other ghost busters by *gets shot by those at ...*).

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