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  1. Well I have just tested out this program with HG/SS. I works perfectly. There is nothing wrong at all. I love this program. This will be how I help with the event contribution thread from now on. Good job Grovyle91!!! Keep up the good work!
  2. I can play that song on my guitar. I will make a video for my YouTube channel about that song soon. What I am listening to: Rollin Like a Coaster - Soulja Boy
  3. Well I used the included hombrew but it did not work.
  4. I just received the Enigma Crystal event item over Wi-Fi today. Here is the PCD file that I just took from my .sav file of Pokemon HeartGold.
  5. OK I know that this is a noob question but when I loaded up PPSE it came up with a message it said Google DLDI so I did I downloaded it now what do I do with the DLDI file?
  6. WARNING I JUST STARTED A POKEMON RED ADVENTURE AND I WENT TO PICK CHARMANDER AND IT IS 'M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKING A VIDEO I WILL POST IT SOON!!! ---------- Post added at 05:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:01 PM ---------- Here is the link to the video of 'M. I just uploaded this video.
  7. OK thanks. I will download it on my computer and I did find an emulator for Nintendo GB/GBC games on Google. It is called Lameboy. Let's just hope it works. I am going to get Yellow, Red and Blue versions to test.
  8. Is there an Emulator that will work on the R4i so that I can play GB/GBA games so that I can experiment with them?
  9. I have more to add to that list. There was Charizard into a Charzillion. Ahh the good old days. I actually believed the Charzillion one cause a kid brought a card into school that he had made and it looked real.
  10. Well with my friends Red version it messed up all his data...so yeah I don't mess with MissingNo anymore. LOL!
  11. Well what other glitch Pokemon could they have become? I have been reading up on that site about info on glitches for a long time now. Ever since I got my Gold version back in 2000. (Looking at your age thing under your avatar that made you about 2 years old I was 6 at the time. Wow how time flies while playing video games for your whole life.) Well anyway a couple of years ago I was riding the bus home from school and the kid sitting next to me was playing his Pokemon Red version (he loves the retro games, he won't play the new Pokemon games) he started messing around and I had a lot of knowledge about Pokemon already (having been playing it since the Red and Blue versions) well anyway this kid was always mean to me since we were little like 7 or 8 so I took his game and I did the MissingNO thing and I caught it for him. He thought it was a new Pokemon or something....and yeah when he came to school the next day and told me that his game didn't work anymore he was mad. Let's just say DON"T EVER CATCH MISSINGNO PEOPLE!!!! LOL! So a couple months ago he let me see his Red version and I decided to do some research with it. I got my two Gameboy Colors out and started messing around. I got out my Crystal version and hooked it up with his Red version and I traded his MissingNo from Red version to my Crystal. Amazngly enough it turned into a Kangaskhan. It was a L. 100 and knew the attacks Psychic, Fly, Fissure and Sky Attack. It did not mess up my Crystal...and it did not fix his Red version. I just decided to write down what his starter Pokemon was and what he made his in game name and re-started his Red. I got all the way back to the point where he had started messing around and just saved. I came back the next Monday and gave him his game back he has not even noticed that I re-started yet.
  12. I am beginning to wonder if MissingNo was Togepi. Togepi was in the Pokemon Anime but was not in the video game. Maybe the programmers were thinking about putting Togepi in, they did but then they deleted it to save it for Gold and Silver. That is my guess.
  13. I need help with PPSE-DS. If you can help me that would be great. Here is a video that I made about it. I am using the R4i to load it with Moonshell. Please read the description in the video so that you can see what happens. All the info is in the description. Thank you. ---------- Post added at 12:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:55 AM ---------- Sorry for double posting but can someone please help me?!
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