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On 9/1/2023 at 2:11 AM, BeyondHydro said:

Hi, so I'm doing a Professor Oak Challenge and using the documentation to help me. I'm on Route 210 ~ South and I see that the Poke Radar has a 22% chance for Kecleon. I haven't moved the Psyducks though and the Poke Radar only works on normal tall grass and not very tall grass (ie the dark green patches you can't ride your bike through). Is the documentation supposed to say 210 ~ North? Is Kecleon available any other way?

Yes it is in the Northern part of Route 210.

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I think theres a glitch with the bike where if you stop riding after the cutscene your sprite glitches out and either goes a black square or a bright pink mess and parts of the map are glitched too. Saving and resetting doesnt seem to prevent it if you stay on the bike but entering a new place to reload the map while staying on the bike prevents it from happening.

Is this supposed to happen im on a 3ds so im using the nds bootstrap tool. Maybe that’s why but idk. 

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