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  1. Okay so I asked about Manaphy in this game and this morning I finally got my Shiny, so that question is answered. Just for who may stumble about the same thing: Manaphy is indeed Shiny Huntable in this game. Just the regular method as the other eggs. There was a bit confusing if it actually appears as a Shiny in the hatching animation and it does, so no need to check the Summary page after hatching.
  2. Hello there! Question: I love playing these rom hacks since I accidentily got Blaze Black 2, but I even more love Shiny Hunting. My question is, are the Mons you catch in here capable of sending over to an original version of White 2, or f.e. Blaze Black 2? I don't want to hunt for the mons I still need and then figure out they are trapped in the game. Understandable the gen6+ moves and Fairy typing will not go with them, but I honestly don't care about that. If I don't teach them Fairy moves and the typings got reversed while migrating I'm fine with that. Bonus question: are the mythicals Shiny Huntable?
  3. I'm trying to use RNG manipulation to get Shinies easier on my Sapphire save file. I already got a Shiny Swablu and got its IV's, so I could do the whole calculation to find your Secret ID. I got two results and already tried both to get a Shiny gift Beldum. I did exactly like the tutorial on YouTube (which did successfully gave me the right ID's for the Cute Charm glitch in SS and Platinum), but when I hit the right frame, everything is correct but my Beldum is still blue. Even when trying to use a Secret ID close to the determined ID's (the calculated ID could be the first of a list of 8 ), I still can't find the right ID to get the Shiny frame actually Shiny. What could be the issue and most importantly, how to fix this? Inb4: I'm only using PokéFinder and EonTimer, no cheating device like GameShark or Action Replay and I also don't want to use that.
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