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Question about 2013 Italian Rocket Meowth

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I know the wondercard for this Meowth is hosted here, and the OT is "ROCKET". That should be the correct OT, and I believe it is, however I have an Italian friend who claims to have gotten a Meowth from the redeemer with a space in the OT name, such as "ROCKET ". I've seen a few of these Meowths before, there are multiple different ones with this space in the OT name, but I've never heard of this before. There is no wondercard uploaded that's associated with that, so it's hard to believe. One of these kinds of Meowth also comes with picture proof, complete with proof of attendance, mystery gift redemption and summary pictures of the Meowth in question.

Is it possible that these Meowth have just had their OTs edited along the way, which I've been thinking this whole time? Or is it possible that this is just somehow a missing wondercard?

Here are some pictures to describe what I'm talking about. None of these Meowth have been edited by me in any way, they're shown just as how they were traded to me.






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I got 3 points I want to make:

1. @ICanSnake the person who traded it to you hacked it in.
I've read of instances that people showed photographs to prove they were there, but they trade away hacks, in other to maintain the "sanctity" of the legitimate copy they personally received.
Or perhaps the "proof" photos didn't even belong to the trader. Using google images to do a reverse image search, to check if the photos were stolen from someone else.

There is one scenario that it is common for a bad edit to result in Pokemon names and OT names getting extra spaces:
when people create something from scratch with Pokesav.
It happens when those specific boxes have the names changed, but the user forgot to delete the spaces behind the name.
If the Pokemon was an event Pokemon, there would be no need to re-manipulate the OT name.

Or perhaps the word "ROCKET" was a copy-paste job. It's common for people to copy an extra space by mistake, when taking words out of sentences.

2. It is unlikely that the games or transfer process were the ones that appended the extra space.
Ignore the fact that it is an event Meowth. Treat it as any other Pokemon data, as the game certainly doesn't care.
If many Pokemon OT's randomly obtained a new space behind it, the reporting of that phenomenon would certainly be widespread, don't you think?

3. It is unlikely that the event got an extra distribution with spaces trailing in the OT name.
Simply put, people would have realized there was a mistaken distribution, and reported it.

While I can't say for certain for Gen V, people certainly noticed mistakes pretty fast, such as the 20TH☆ Mew.


For now, I'm gonna treat it as a hacked event, until more details or more reports come in, with more proof etc.
Or maybe there was something I missed, and such a phenomenon is supposedly well known (I doubt it, tho ? ).
While I wasn't the one who traded it to you, I'm sorry that you've received a (likely) hacked event. :(

@Sabresite and @Kirzi you wanna chime in regarding this one?
For reference, this is the event the OP is referring to:

Original news page: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/26321-bw-b2w2-team-rocket-meowth-pokemon-day-2013-italy/

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