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SM USUM - Thanksgiving Shaymin (KOR)


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31 minutes ago, Gari1011 said:

is this the same Shaymin for april 25th or it is another one I am confused two different shymin in the same time.

This is a Korean one.
Moveset and details wise, we predict it would be the same as the Japanese one presently distributed, but we're unsure.

As for other details, it'll be different (example, it would have different WC ID and different OT)

If you want to see examples of what I called "Mirrored events":
(this list only shows an example of some, not all the mirrored events)

Event Japanese Original Korean Mirrored
Shiny Tapu Koko Link Link
Eeveelutions Link Link
Lillie's Vulpix Link Link
Shiny Mimikyu Link Link
Shiny Poipole Link Link
Shiny Mimikyu Link Link
Shiny Groudon Link Link
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  • theSLAYER changed the title to SM USUM - Thanksgiving Shaymin (KOR)

Google Translation data from the new post:


Fantasy Shek Already Gift Campaign!
Thanksgiving Month May 5th
When you purchase the event book of Ha-Sang Culture History, you will receive the fantastic Pokemon Shahei serial code!

The event book confirms the image right !!
Please check the book with the event sticker ~ ☆

** Available in Songdo Popup Store !!

★ Checked ★
- Campaign period: May 2, 2018 to exhaust
- Duration: May 2, 2018 through July 31, 2018
- Software you can get: Nintendo 3DS software [Pocket Monster Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon]
- Bookstores where event books can be purchased:
Songdo branch / Gangnam branch / Jamsil branch / Pyeongchon branch
[Youngpoong Bookstore]
Jongro Store / Yeouido Store / Seo Hyun Store

- It is not a real figure such as figures and dolls in the game.
- You can not use a serial code that has expired, or a serial code that has been used once.
- You can only receive one Pokemon for each software. (Not overlapping)
- The serial code can not be input temporarily if it is inputted 10 times wrongly. Please try again after more than 24 hours.

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