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Eevee and Colorful Friends .

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Between the period of May 13 to June 23, 2017, Pokemon Centers across Japan distributed one of the (then) 8 Eeveelutions to players via Local Wireless (region free).
Players could only obtain one Eeveelution per day, per save.

The distribution was to promote the various Eevee and Colorful Friends merchandise that was being sold.

While the promotion is named Eevee and Colorful Friends, Eevee itself wasn't distributed; only Eeveelutions were distributed.

Distribution text

あそびに きてくれて ありがとう!
こせい ゆたかな みりょくを もつ
イーブイの しんかけいの ポケモンを
バトルで あいぼうにしてね♪


Distributions of the same event:

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