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From 15th July (Sat) to 23rd July (Sun), Eevee Friends was distributed via Infrared,
to players that visited the Pokemon Pop-up Store at Hyundai Department Store Shinchon Station Underground 2F Connection Passage Graduation Tempyo.
This is a once per day event, meaning it'll take 8 different days to collect all the Eeveelutions.

This page has the WC7 and also photographs of the physical location, courtesy of @BLACKBIRD & @katsuya!

Distributions of the same event:

unknown_eevee.gif   vaporeon.gif   jolteon.gif   flareon.gif   espeon.gif   umbreon.gif   leafeon.gif   glaceon.gif   sylveon.gif
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24 minutes ago, jasenyoface said:


Any known reason why Glaceon, Jolteon and Umbreon do not have their HIdden Abilities and the others do?

It appears to almost an exact mirror of the earlier Eevee and Colorful Friends in Japan (link),
So this oddity started in Japan. Who knows why they did it :/

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@theSLAYER Maybe you should add the wc7FULL files along with the wc7s into this archive so it's less the hassle of downloading them individually through their respective entries. :)

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