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PKHeX on Mac
A User Friendly Guide for WINE

This guide will hopefully clarify a few things regarding WINE and PKHeX running on MacOS as well as help anyone start from scratch with WINE [in order to run PKHeX].  WINE is a fickle thing; it's not guaranteed to work (at all) but the success rate these days is impressive!  So, don't get discouraged if things do not work the first time around.  Nothing we do in this guide is permanent, although I encourage you to make a Time Machine backup of your system or at least backup your important data.

With that being said, I have been using WINE for quite some time. Regarding PKHeX, It's going on almost a year and I have yet to experience any depressive issues using WINE to run it.  I have done several clean installs of macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra in order to give you the most accurate information possible.  If I have missed something or you know any tips or tricks, I would appreciate the feedback!  Also, you'll find only the bare minimum information in this guide of what you will need to get PKHeX up and running.  I say this because without any theming, the app will look like an old school Windows program.  NOTE:  Aesthetics may not be the most important thing to consider (especially if you're in a hurry or maybe don't care) however there are some dependencies (winetricks) that are absolutely necessary for some programs to run.  Fortunately PKHeX isn't too picky.


  • Download the PKHeX app in the PKHeX for Mac thread
  • Use Winebottler to make a PKHeX.app for yourself
  • Use Wineskin Winery to make a PKHeX.app for yourself (no support here)
  • Use WINE to run the PKHeX executable via Terminal
  • Use a Virtual Machine (VM) or something along those lines (no support here)


Pretty straight forward process.  Tick all of the items with arrows next to them, like in the screenshot below.  Also necessary winetricks for PKHeX: dotnet461; corefonts; cjkfonts; tahoma.
May need to change security preferences to run the app:
NOTE:  Winebottler is the fastest, easiest "DIY" option for a beginner. (Some argue that Wineskin Winery is the fastest and most easy way to whip up an app.  I'll say it just depends on your skill level, though I agree.)  Another thing, apps may be less stable than if they were launched using other methods basically because of the lack of options Winebottler has to fine tune things (e.g.; adding a string in the Registry Editor to enable Retina compatibility.)


Install WINE on your Mac [Run PKHeX Using Terminal]
Installing WINE on your system using Homebrew is the most noob-friendly way [to install WINE on Mac] that I have found, so let us just use that.  To start, I'll tell you that you will be installing 4-5 minuscule things on your Mac; Xcode CLT, Homebrew Package Manager, XQuartz, WINE, and  some Winetricks depending on the executable your are attempting to run.  In this instance, our target is PKHeX.  

So onto the first thing, Homebrew.  Before you can use "brew commands" in Terminal, you must have Xcode Command Line Tools installed.  If you already have Xcode installed on your Mac, you should be peachy.  If not, no problem!  Open Terminal to get started!

Xcode CLT:

xcode-select --install

If you're asked to agree to Xcode's ToS, next type:

sudo xcodebuild -license

Homebrew Package Manager:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

When that finishes up, you'll want to make sure everything is in order:

brew doctor

For future reference, you can update Homebrew using:

brew upgrade


brew cask install xquartz


brew install wine
brew upgrade wine # For future reference

That will create a 64-bit WINEPREFIX which will be located at:


NOTE:  If you would rather use the developer version of WINE, use these instead:

brew install wine --devel
brew upgrade wine --devel # For future reference


brew install cabextract
brew install winetricks
brew upgrade winetricks # For future reference

NOTE:  You DO NOT need to install every winetrick available, just the ones your programs depend on to function.  For PKHeX, you will need to install these; dotnet461, corefonts, cjkfonts, and tahoma (why not).

Install the "tricks":

winetricks "trick"
# (e.g.; winetricks dontnet461)

Complete list of Winetricks


===== apps =====

3m_library               3M Cloud Library (3M Company, 2015) 

7zip                     7-Zip 16.02 (Igor Pavlov, 2016) 

abiword                  AbiWord 2.8.6 (AbiSource, 2010) 

adobe_diged              Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 (Adobe, 2011) 

adobe_diged4             Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 (Adobe, 2015) 

autohotkey               AutoHotKey (autohotkey.org, 2010) 

cmake                    CMake 2.8 (Kitware, 2013) 

colorprofile             Standard RGB color profile (Microsoft, 2005) 

controlpad               MS ActiveX Control Pad (Microsoft, 1997) 

controlspy               Control Spy 2.0  (Microsoft, 2005) 

emu8086                  emu8086 (emu8086.com, 2015) 

ev3                      Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition (Lego, 2014) 

firefox                  Firefox 51.0 (Mozilla, 2017) 

fontxplorer              Font Xplorer 1.2.2 (Moon Software, 2001) 

foobar2000               foobar2000 v1.3.14 (Peter Pawlowski, 2016)

iceweasel                GNU Icecat 31.7.0 (GNU Foundation, 2015) 

irfanview                Irfanview (Irfan Skiljan, 2016) 

kde                      KDE on Windows (various, 2013) 

kindle                   Amazon Kindle (Amazon, 2017) 

kobo                     Kobo e-book reader (Kobo, 2011) 

mingw                    Minimalist GNU for Windows, including GCC for Windows (GNU, 2013) 

mozillabuild             Mozilla build environment (Mozilla Foundation, 2015) 

mpc                      Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (doom9 folks, 2014) 

mspaint                  MS Paint (Microsoft, 2010) 

mt4                      Meta Trader 4 (, 2005) 

njcwp_trial              NJStar Chinese Word Processor trial (NJStar, 2015) 

njjwp_trial              NJStar Japanese Word Processor trial (NJStar, 2009) 

nook                     Nook for PC (e-book reader) (Barnes & Noble, 2011) 

npp                      Notepad++ (Don Ho, 2015) 

office2003pro            Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (Microsoft, 2002)

office2007pro            Microsoft Office 2007 Professional (Microsoft, 2006)

ollydbg110               OllyDbg (ollydbg.de, 2004) 

ollydbg200               OllyDbg (ollydbg.de, 2010) 

ollydbg201               OllyDbg (ollydbg.de, 2013) 

openwatcom               Open Watcom C/C++ compiler (can compile win16 code!) (Watcom, 2010) 

picasa39                 Picasa 3.9 (Google, 2014)

protectionid             Protection ID (CDKiLLER & TippeX, 2016)

psdk2003                 MS Platform SDK 2003 (Microsoft, 2003) 

psdkwin7                 MS Windows 7 SDK (Microsoft, 2009) 

psdkwin71                MS Windows 7.1 SDK (Microsoft, 2010) 

qq                       QQ 8.9.1(Chinese chat app) (Tencent, 2017) 

qqintl                   QQ International Instant Messenger 2.11 (Tencent, 2014) 

safari                   Safari (Apple, 2010) 

sketchup                 SketchUp 8 (Google, 2012) 

steam                    Steam (Valve, 2010) 

uplay                    Uplay (Ubisoft, 2013) 

utorrent                 µTorrent 2.2.1 (BitTorrent, 2011)

utorrent3                µTorrent 3.4 (BitTorrent, 2011) 

vc2005express            MS Visual C++ 2005 Express (Microsoft, 2005) 

vc2005expresssp1         MS Visual C++ 2005 Express SP1 (Microsoft, 2007) 

vc2005trial              MS Visual C++ 2005 Trial (Microsoft, 2005) 

vc2008express            MS Visual C++ 2008 Express (Microsoft, 2008) 

vc2010express            MS Visual C++ 2010 Express (Microsoft, 2010) 

vlc                      VLC media player 2.2.1 (VideoLAN, 2015) 

winamp                   Winamp (Radionomy (AOL (Nullsoft)), 2013) 

wme9                     MS Windows Media Encoder 9 (broken in Wine) (Microsoft, 2002) 

===== benchmarks =====

3dmark03                 3D Mark 03 (Futuremark, 2003)

3dmark05                 3D Mark 05 (Futuremark, 2005) 

3dmark06                 3D Mark 06 (Futuremark, 2006)

3dmark2000               3DMark2000 (MadOnion.com, 2000) 

3dmark2001               3DMark2001 (MadOnion.com, 2001) 

stalker_pripyat_bench    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat benchmark (GSC Game World, 2009)

unigine_heaven           Unigen Heaven 2.1 Benchmark (Unigen, 2010)

wglgears                 wglgears (Clinton L. Jeffery, 2005) 

===== dlls =====

adobeair                 Adobe AIR 20.x (Adobe, 2015) 

allcodecs                All codecs (dirac, ffdshow, icodecs, l3codecx, xvid) except wmp (various, 1998-2009) 

amstream                 MS amstream.dll (Microsoft, 2011) 

art2kmin                 MS Access 2007 runtime (Microsoft, 2007) 

atmlib                   Adobe Type Manager (Adobe, 2009) 

avifil32                 MS avifil32 (Microsoft, 2004) 

binkw32                  RAD Game Tools binkw32.dll (RAD Game Tools, Inc., 2000) 

cabinet                  Microsoft cabinet.dll (Microsoft, 2002) 

cmd                      MS cmd.exe (Microsoft, 2004) 

comctl32                 MS common controls 5.80 (Microsoft, 2001) 

comctl32ocx              MS comctl32.ocx and mscomctl.ocx, comctl32 wrappers for VB6 (Microsoft, 2012) 

comdlg32ocx              Common Dialog ActiveX Control for VB6 (Microsoft, 2012) 

crypt32                  MS crypt32 (Microsoft, 2004) 

d3dcompiler_43           MS d3dcompiler_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3drm                    MS d3drm.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx10                   MS d3dx10_??.dll from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx10_43                MS d3dx10_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx11_42                MS d3dx11_42.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx11_43                MS d3dx11_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9                    MS d3dx9_??.dll from DirectX 9 redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_24                 MS d3dx9_24.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_25                 MS d3dx9_25.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_26                 MS d3dx9_26.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_27                 MS d3dx9_27.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_28                 MS d3dx9_28.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_29                 MS d3dx9_29.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_30                 MS d3dx9_30.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_31                 MS d3dx9_31.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_32                 MS d3dx9_32.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_33                 MS d3dx9_33.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_34                 MS d3dx9_34.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_35                 MS d3dx9_35.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_36                 MS d3dx9_36.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_37                 MS d3dx9_37.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_38                 MS d3dx9_38.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_39                 MS d3dx9_39.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_40                 MS d3dx9_40.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_41                 MS d3dx9_41.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_42                 MS d3dx9_42.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dx9_43                 MS d3dx9_43.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

d3dxof                   MS d3dxof.dll from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

dbghelp                  MS dbghelp (Microsoft, 2008) 

devenum                  MS devenum.dll from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

dinput                   MS dinput.dll; breaks mouse, use only on Rayman 2 etc. (Microsoft, 2010) 

dinput8                  MS DirectInput 8 from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

dirac                    The Dirac directshow filter v1.0.2 (Dirac, 2009) 

directmusic              MS DirectMusic from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

directplay               MS DirectPlay from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

directx9                 MS DirectX 9 (Usually overkill.  Try d3dx9_36 first) (Microsoft, 2010) 

dmsynth                  MS midi synthesizer from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

dotnet11                 MS .NET 1.1 (Microsoft, 2003) 

dotnet11sp1              MS .NET 1.1 SP1 (Microsoft, 2004) 

dotnet20                 MS .NET 2.0 (Microsoft, 2006) 

dotnet20sdk              MS .NET 2.0 SDK (Microsoft, 2006) 

dotnet20sp1              MS .NET 2.0 SP1 (experimental) (Microsoft, 2008) 

dotnet20sp2              MS .NET 2.0 SP2 (experimental) (Microsoft, 2009) 

dotnet30                 MS .NET 3.0 (Microsoft, 2006) 

dotnet30sp1              MS .NET 3.0 SP1 (Microsoft, 2007) 

dotnet35                 MS .NET 3.5 (Microsoft, 2007) 

dotnet35sp1              MS .NET 3.5 SP1 (Microsoft, 2008) 

dotnet40                 MS .NET 4.0 (Microsoft, 2011) 

dotnet45                 MS .NET 4.5 (Microsoft, 2012) 

dotnet452                MS .NET 4.5.2 (Microsoft, 2012) 

dotnet46                 MS .NET 4.6 (Microsoft, 2015) 

dotnet461                MS .NET 4.6.1 (Microsoft, 2015) 

dotnet462                MS .NET 4.6.2 (Microsoft, 2016) 

dotnet_verifier          MS .NET Verifier (Microsoft, 2016) 

dpvoice                  Microsoft dpvoice dpvvox dpvacm Audio dlls (Microsoft, 2002) 

dsdmo                    MS dsdmo.dll (Microsoft, 2010) 

dsound                   MS DirectSound from DirectX user redistributable (Microsoft, 2010) 

dxdiag                   DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Microsoft, 2010) 

dxdiagn                  DirectX Diagnostic Library (Microsoft, 2011) 

dxsdk_jun2010            MS DirectX SDK, June 2010 (developers only) (Microsoft, 2010) 

dxsdk_nov2006            MS DirectX SDK, November 2006 (developers only) (Microsoft, 2006) 

esent                    MS Extensible Storage Engine (Microsoft, 2011) 

ffdshow                  ffdshow video codecs (doom9 folks, 2010) 

flash                    Flash Player 14 (Adobe, 2014) 

gdiplus                  MS GDI+ (Microsoft, 2011) 

gdiplus_winxp            MS GDI+ (Microsoft, 2004)

gfw                      MS Games For Windows Live (xlive.dll) (Microsoft, 2008) 

glidewrapper             GlideWrapper (Rolf Neuberger, 2005) 

glut                     The glut utility library for OpenGL (Mark J. Kilgard, 2001) 

gmdls                    General MIDI DLS Collection (Microsoft / Roland, 1999) 

hid                      MS hid (Microsoft, 2003) 

icodecs                  Indeo codecs (Intel, 1998) 

ie6                      Internet Explorer 6 (Microsoft, 2002) 

ie7                      Internet Explorer 7 (Microsoft, 2008) 

ie8                      Internet Explorer 8 (Microsoft, 2009) 

ie8_kb2936068            Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 (Microsoft, 2014) 

jet40                    MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 (Microsoft, 2003) 

l3codecx                 MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for Microsoft DirectShow (Microsoft, 2010) 

mdac27                   Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 sp1 (Microsoft, 2006) 

mdac28                   Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 sp1 (Microsoft, 2005) 

mdx                      Managed DirectX (Microsoft, 2006) 

mf                       MS Media Foundation (Microsoft, 2011) 

mfc40                    MS mfc40 (Microsoft Foundation Classes from win7sp1) (Microsoft, 1999) 

mfc42                    Visual C++ 6 SP4 mfc42 library; part of vcrun6 (Microsoft, 2000) 

msacm32                  MS ACM32 (Microsoft, 2003) 

msasn1                   MS ASN1 (Microsoft, 2003) 

msctf                    MS Text Service Module (Microsoft, 2003) 

msdxmocx                 MS Windows Media Player 2 ActiveX control for VB6 (Microsoft, 1999) 

msflxgrd                 MS FlexGrid Control (msflxgrd.ocx) (Microsoft, 2012) 

msftedit                 Microsoft RichEdit Control (Microsoft, 2011) 

mshflxgd                 MS Hierarchical FlexGrid Control (mshflxgd.ocx) (Microsoft, 2012) 

msls31                   MS Line Services (Microsoft, 2001) 

msmask                   MS Masked Edit Control (Microsoft, 2009) 

mspatcha                 MS mspatcha (Microsoft, 2004) 

msscript                 MS Windows Script Control (Microsoft, 2004) 

msvcirt                  Visual C++ 6 SP4 msvcirt library; part of vcrun6 (Microsoft, 2000) 

msxml3                   MS XML Core Services 3.0 (Microsoft, 2005) 

msxml4                   MS XML Core Services 4.0 (Microsoft, 2009) 

msxml6                   MS XML Core Services 6.0 sp1 (Microsoft, 2007) 

nuget                    NuGet Package manager (Outercurve Foundation, 2013) 

ogg                      OpenCodecs 0.85: FLAC, Speex, Theora, Vorbis, WebM (Xiph.Org Foundation, 2011) 

ole32                    MS ole32 Module (ole32.dll) (Microsoft, 2004) 

pdh                      MS pdh.dll (Performance Data Helper) (Microsoft, 2011) 

physx                    PhysX (Nvidia, 2014) 

pngfilt                  pngfilt.dll (from winxp) (Microsoft, 2004) 

python26                 Python interpreter 2.6.2 (Python Software Foundaton, 2009) 

qdvd                     qdvd.dll (Microsoft, 2011) 

qedit                    qedit.dll (Microsoft, 2011) 

quartz                   quartz.dll (from Directx 9 user redistributable) (Microsoft, 2010) 

quicktime72              Apple QuickTime 7.2 (Apple, 2010) 

quicktime76              Apple QuickTime 7.6 (Apple, 2010) 

riched20                 MS RichEdit Control 2.0 (riched20.dll) (Microsoft, 2004) 

riched30                 MS RichEdit Control 3.0 (riched20.dll, msls31.dll) (Microsoft, 2001) 

richtx32                 MS Rich TextBox Control 6.0 (Microsoft, 2012) 

sdl                      Simple DirectMedia Layer (Sam Lantinga, 2009) 

secur32                  MS Security Support Provider Interface (Microsoft, 2011) 

setupapi                 MS Setup API (Microsoft, 2004) 

shockwave                Shockwave (Adobe, 2017) 

speechsdk                MS Speech SDK 5.1 (Microsoft, 2009) 

tabctl32                 Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0 (tabctl32.ocx) (Microsoft, 2012) 

updspapi                 Windows Update Service API (Microsoft, 2004) 

usp10                    Uniscribe (Microsoft, 2011) 

vb2run                   MS Visual Basic 2 runtime (Microsoft, 1993) 

vb3run                   MS Visual Basic 3 runtime (Microsoft, 1998) 

vb4run                   MS Visual Basic 4 runtime (Microsoft, 1998) 

vb5run                   MS Visual Basic 5 runtime (Microsoft, 2001) 

vb6run                   MS Visual Basic 6 runtime sp6 (Microsoft, 2004) 

vcrun2003                Visual C++ 2003 libraries (mfc71,msvcp71,msvcr71) (Microsoft, 2003) 

vcrun2005                Visual C++ 2005 libraries (mfc80,msvcp80,msvcr80) (Microsoft, 2011) 

vcrun2008                Visual C++ 2008 libraries (mfc90,msvcp90,msvcr90) (Microsoft, 2011) 

vcrun2010                Visual C++ 2010 libraries (mfc100,msvcp100,msvcr100) (Microsoft, 2010) 

vcrun2012                Visual C++ 2012 libraries (atl110,mfc110,mfc110u,msvcp110,msvcr110,vcomp110) (Microsoft, 2012)

vcrun2013                Visual C++ 2013 libraries (mfc120,mfc120u,msvcp120,msvcr120,vcomp120) (Microsoft, 2013)

vcrun2015                Visual C++ 2015 libraries (concrt140.dll,mfc140.dll,mfc140u.dll,mfcm140.dll

vcrun2017                Visual C++ 2017 libraries (concrt140.dll,mfc140.dll,mfc140u.dll,mfcm140.dll

vcrun6                   Visual C++ 6 SP4 libraries (mfc42, msvcp60, msvcirt) (Microsoft, 2000) 

vcrun6sp6                Visual C++ 6 SP6 libraries (with fixes in ATL and MFC) (Microsoft, 2004) 

vjrun20                  MS Visual J# 2.0 SE libraries (requires dotnet20) (Microsoft, 2007) 

webio                    MS Windows Web I/O (Microsoft, 2011) 

windowscodecs            MS Windows Imaging Component (Microsoft, 2006) 

winhttp                  MS Windows HTTP Services (Microsoft, 2005) 

wininet                  MS Windows Internet API (Microsoft, 2008) 

wmi                      Windows Management Instrumentation (aka WBEM) Core 1.5 (Microsoft, 2000) 

wmp10                    Windows Media Player 10 (Microsoft, 2006) 

wmp9                     Windows Media Player 9 (Microsoft, 2003) 

wmv9vcm                  MS Windows Media Video 9 Video Compression Manager (Microsoft, 2013) 

wsh57                    MS Windows Script Host 5.7 (Microsoft, 2007) 

xact                     MS XACT Engine (Microsoft, 2010) 

xinput                   Microsoft XInput (Xbox controller support) (Microsoft, 2010) 

xmllite                  MS xmllite dll (Microsoft, 2011) 

xna31                    MS XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 (Microsoft, 2009) 

xna40                    MS XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 (Microsoft, 2010) 

xvid                     Xvid Video Codec (xvid.org, 2009) 

===== fonts =====

allfonts                 All fonts (various, 1998-2010) 

baekmuk                  Baekmuk Korean fonts (Wooderart Inc. / kldp.net, 1999) 

cambria                  MS Cambria font (Microsoft, 2009) 

cjkfonts                 All Chinese, Japanese, Korean fonts and aliases (various, ) 

consolas                 MS Consolas console font (Microsoft, 2011) 

constantia               MS Constantia font (Microsoft, 2009) 

corefonts                MS Arial, Courier, Times fonts (Microsoft, 2008) 

droid                    Droid fonts (Ascender Corporation, 2009) 

eufonts                  Updated fonts for Romanian and Bulgarian (Microsoft, 2008) 

fakechinese              Creates aliases for Chinese fonts using WenQuanYi fonts (wenq.org, 2009)

fakejapanese             Creates aliases for Japanese fonts using Takao fonts (Jun Kobayashi, 2010)

fakejapanese_ipamona     Creates aliases for Japanese fonts using IPAMona fonts (Jun Kobayashi, 2008)

fakejapanese_vlgothic    Creates aliases for Japanese Meiryo fonts using VLGothic fonts (Project Vine / Daisuke Suzuki, 2014)

fakekorean               Creates aliases for Korean fonts using Baekmuk fonts (Wooderart Inc. / kldp.net, 1999)

ipamona                  IPAMona Japanese fonts (Jun Kobayashi, 2008) 

liberation               Red Hat Liberation fonts (Sans, Serif, Mono) (Red Hat, 2008) 

lucida                   MS Lucida Console font (Microsoft, 1998) 

opensymbol               OpenSymbol fonts (replacement for Wingdings) (OpenOffice.org, 2016) 

tahoma                   MS Tahoma font (not part of corefonts) (Microsoft, 2007) 

takao                    Takao Japanese fonts (Jun Kobayashi, 2010) 

uff                      Ubuntu Font Family (Ubuntu, 2010) 

unifont                  Unifont alternative to Arial Unicode MS (Roman Czyborra / GNU, 2008) 

vlgothic                 VLGothic Japanese fonts (Project Vine / Daisuke Suzuki, 2014) 

wenquanyi                WenQuanYi CJK font (wenq.org, 2009) 

===== games =====

acreedbro                Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Ubisoft, 2011)

algodoo_demo             Algodoo Demo (Algoryx, 2009) 

alienswarm_steam         Alien Swarm (Steam) (Valve, 2010) 

amnesia_tdd_demo         Amnesia: The Dark Descent Demo (Frictional Games, 2010)

aoe3_demo                Age of Empires III Trial (Microsoft, 2005) 

atmosphir                Atmosphir (Minor Studios, 2011)

avatar_demo              James Camerons Avatar: The Game Demo (Ubisoft, 2009)

beneath_a_steel_sky_gog  Beneath a Steel Sky (GOG.com, free) (Virgin Interactive, 1994)

bfbc2                    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (EA, 2010)

bioshock2                Bioshock 2 (2K Games, 2010)

bioshock2_steam          Bioshock 2 (Steam) (2k, 2010) 

bioshock_demo            Bioshock Demo (2K Games, 2007) 

blobby_volley            Blobby Volley (Daniel Skoraszewsky, 2000)

borderlands_steam        Borderlands (Steam, non-free) (2K Games, 2009) 

bttf101                  Back to the Future Episode 1 (Telltale, 2011)

cim_demo                 Cities In Motion Demo (Paradox Interactive, 2010)

civ4_demo                Civilization IV Demo (Firaxis Games, 2005)

civ5_demo_steam          Civilization V Demo (Steam) (2K Games, 2010) 

cnc3_demo                Command & Conquer 3 Demo (EA, 2007) 

cnc_redalert3_demo       Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Demo (EA, 2008)

cnc_tiberian_sun         Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (2010 edition) (EA, 1999) 

cod1                     Call of Duty (Activision, 2003)

cod4mw_demo              Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision, 2007)

cod5_waw                 Call of Duty 5: World at War (Activision, 2008)

cod_demo                 Call of Duty demo (Activision, 2003)

crayonphysics_demo       Crayon Physics Deluxe demo (Kloonigames, 2011) 

crysis2                  Crysis 2 (EA, 2011)

csi6_demo                CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Demo (Ubisoft, 2010)

darknesswithin2_demo     Darkness Within 2 Demo (Zoetrope Interactive, 2010)

darkspore                Darkspore (EA, 2011)

dcuo                     DC Universe Online (EA, 2011)

deadspace                Dead Space (EA, 2008)

deadspace2               Dead Space 2 (EA, 2011)

demolition_company_demo  Demolition Company demo (Giants Software, 2010)

deusex2_demo             Deus Ex 2 / Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo (Eidos, 2003)

diablo2                  Diablo II (Blizzard, 2000)

digitanks_demo           Digitanks Demo (Lunar Workshop, 2011) 

dirt2_demo               Dirt 2 Demo (Codemasters, 2009)

dragonage                Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware / EA, 2009)

dragonage2_demo          Dragon Age II demo (EA/Bioware, 2011) 

dragonage_ue             Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (Bioware / EA, 2010)

eve                      EVE Online Tyrannis (CCP Games, 2017) 

fable_tlc                Fable: The Lost Chapters (Microsoft, 2005)

fifa11_demo              FIFA 11 Demo (EA Sports, 2010) 

gta_vc                   Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar, 2003)

hon                      Heroes of Newerth (S2 Games, 2013) 

hordesoforcs2_demo       Hordes of Orcs 2 Demo (Freeverse, 2010)

hphbp_demo               Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Demo (EA, 2009) 

kotor1                   Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (LucasArts, 2003)

lemonysnicket            Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Activision, 2004)

lhp_demo                 LEGO Harry Potter Demo [Years 1-4] (Travellers Tales / WB, 2010)

losthorizon_demo         Lost Horizon Demo (Deep Silver, 2010)

lswcs                    Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (Lucasarts, 2009)

luxor_ar                 Luxor Amun Rising (MumboJumbo, 2006)

masseffect2              Mass Effect 2 (DRM broken on Wine) (BioWare, 2010)

masseffect2_demo         Mass Effect 2 (BioWare, 2010) 

maxmagicmarker_demo      Max & the Magic Marker Demo (Press Play, 2010) 

mdk                      MDK (3dfx) (Playmates International, 1997)

menofwar                 Men of War (Aspyr Media, 2009)

mfsx_demo                Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo (Microsoft, 2006) 

mfsxde                   Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Deluxe Edition (Microsoft, 2006)

mise                     Monkey Island: Special Edition (LucasArts, 2009)

myth2_demo               Myth II demo 1.8.0 (Project Magma, 2011) 

nfsshift_demo            Need for Speed: SHIFT Demo (EA, 2009) 

oblivion                 Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (Bethesda Game Studios, 2006)

penpenxmas               Pen-Pen Xmas Olympics (Army of Trolls / Black Cat, 2007) 

plantsvszombies          Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap Games, 2009) 

popfs                    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Ubisoft, 2010)

rct3deluxe               RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Deluxe (DRM broken on Wine) (Atari, 2004)

riseofnations_demo       Rise of Nations Trial (Microsoft, 2003)

ruse_demo_steam          Ruse Demo (Steam) (Ubisoft, 2010) 

sacrifice_gog            Sacrifice (GOG.com) (Interplay, 2000)

sammax301_demo           Sam & Max 301: The Penal Zone (Telltale Games, 2010)

sammax304_demo           Sam & Max 304: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls (Telltale Games, 2010)

secondlife               Second Life Viewer (Linden Labs, 2003-2011) 

sims3                    The Sims 3 (DRM broken on Wine) (EA, 2009)

sims3_gen                The Sims 3: Generations (DRM broken on Wine) (EA, 2011)

simsmed                  The Sims Medieval (DRM broken on Wine) (EA, 2011)

singularity              Singularity (Activision, 2010)

splitsecond              Split Second (Disney, 2010)

spore                    Spore (EA, 2008)

spore_cc_demo            Spore Creature Creator trial (EA, 2008) 

starcraft2_demo          Starcraft II Demo (Blizzard, 2010)

supermeatboy_steam       Super Meat Boy (Steam, non-free) (Independent, 2010) 

the_witcher_2_gog        The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Atari, 2011)

theundergarden_demo      The UnderGarden Demo (Atari, 2010)

tmnationsforever         TrackMania Nations Forever (Nadeo, 2009) 

torchlight               Torchlight - boxed version (Runic Games, 2009)

trainztcc_2004           Trainz: The Complete Collection: TRS2004 (Paradox Interactive, 2008)

trine_demo_steam         Trine Demo (Steam) (Frozenbyte, 2009) 

trine_steam              Trine (Steam) (Frozenbyte, 2009) 

tropico3_demo            Tropico 3 Demo (Kalypso Media GmbH, 2009)

twfc                     Transformers: War for Cybertron (Activision, 2010)

typingofthedead_demo     Typing of the Dead Demo (Sega, 1999)

ut3                      Unreal Tournament 3 (Midway Games, 2007)

wog                      World of Goo Demo (2D Boy, 2008) 

wormsreloaded_demo_steam Worms Reloaded Demo (Steam) (Team17, 2010) 

===== settings =====

alldlls=builtin          Override most common DLLs to builtin

alldlls=default          Remove all DLL overrides

ao=disabled              Disable AlwaysOffscreen (default)

ao=enabled               Enable AlwaysOffscreen

bad                      Fake verb that always returns false

cfc=disable              Disable CheckFloatConstants (default)

cfc=enabled              Enable CheckFloatConstants

csmt=off                 Disable Command Stream Multithreading (default)

csmt=on                  Enable Command Stream Multithreading

ddr=gdi                  Set DirectDrawRenderer to gdi

ddr=opengl               Set DirectDrawRenderer to opengl

fontfix                  Check for broken fonts

fontsmooth=bgr           Enable subpixel font smoothing for BGR LCDs

fontsmooth=disable       Disable font smoothing

fontsmooth=gray          Enable subpixel font smoothing

fontsmooth=rgb           Enable subpixel font smoothing for RGB LCDs

forcemono                Force using Mono instead of .NET (for debugging)

glsl=disabled            Disable GLSL shaders, use ARB shaders (faster, but sometimes breaks)

glsl=enabled             Enable GLSL shaders (default)

good                     Fake verb that always returns true

grabfullscreen=n         Disable cursor clipping for full-screen windows (default)

grabfullscreen=y         Force cursor clipping for full-screen windows (needed by some games)

gsm=0                    Set MaxShaderModelGS to 0

gsm=1                    Set MaxShaderModelGS to 1

gsm=2                    Set MaxShaderModelGS to 2

gsm=3                    Set MaxShaderModelGS to 3

heapcheck                Enable heap checking with GlobalFlag

hidewineexports=disable  Disable hiding Wine exports from applications (wine-staging)

hidewineexports=enable   Enable hiding Wine exports from applications (wine-staging)

hosts                    Add empty C:\windows\system32\driverstc\{hosts,services} files

macdriver=mac            Enable the Mac native Quartz driver (default)

macdriver=x11            Disable the Mac native Quartz driver, use X11 instead

multisampling=disabled   Disable Direct3D multisampling

multisampling=enabled    Enable Direct3D multisampling

mwo=disable              Set DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to disable

mwo=enabled              Set DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to enabled (default)

mwo=force                Set DirectInput MouseWarpOverride to force (needed by some games)

native_mdac              Override odbc32, odbccp32 and oledb32

native_oleaut32          Override oleaut32

nocrashdialog            Disable crash dialog

npm=repack               Set NonPower2Mode to repack

nt40                     Set windows version to Windows NT 4.0

orm=backbuffer           Set OffscreenRenderingMode=backbuffer

orm=fbo                  Set OffscreenRenderingMode=fbo (default)

psm=0                    Set MaxShaderModelPS to 0

psm=1                    Set MaxShaderModelPS to 1

psm=2                    Set MaxShaderModelPS to 2

psm=3                    Set MaxShaderModelPS to 3

remove_mono              Remove builtin wine-mono

rtlm=auto                Set RenderTargetLockMode to auto (default)

rtlm=disabled            Set RenderTargetLockMode to disabled

rtlm=readdraw            Set RenderTargetLockMode to readdraw

rtlm=readtex             Set RenderTargetLockMode to readtex

rtlm=texdraw             Set RenderTargetLockMode to texdraw

rtlm=textex              Set RenderTargetLockMode to textex

sandbox                  Sandbox the wineprefix - remove links to /home/austin

sound=alsa               Set sound driver to ALSA

sound=coreaudio          Set sound driver to Mac CoreAudio

sound=disabled           Set sound driver to disabled

sound=oss                Set sound driver to OSS

sound=pulse              Set sound driver to PulseAudio

strictdrawordering=disabled Disable StrictDrawOrdering (default)

strictdrawordering=enabled Enable StrictDrawOrdering

vd=1024x768              Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1024x768

vd=1280x1024             Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1280x1024

vd=1440x900              Enable virtual desktop, set size to 1440x900

vd=640x480               Enable virtual desktop, set size to 640x480

vd=800x600               Enable virtual desktop, set size to 800x600

vd=off                   Disable virtual desktop

videomemorysize=1024     Tell Wine your video card has 1024MB RAM

videomemorysize=2048     Tell Wine your video card has 2048MB RAM

videomemorysize=512      Tell Wine your video card has 512MB RAM

videomemorysize=default  Let Wine detect amount of video card memory

vista                    Set Windows version to Windows Vista

vsm=0                    Set MaxShaderModelVS to 0

vsm=1                    Set MaxShaderModelVS to 1

vsm=2                    Set MaxShaderModelVS to 2

vsm=3                    Set MaxShaderModelVS to 3

win10                    Set Windows version to Windows 10

win2k                    Set Windows version to Windows 2000

win2k3                   Set Windows version to Windows 2003

win2k8                   Set Windows version to Windows 2008 R2

win31                    Set Windows version to Windows 3.1

win7                     Set Windows version to Windows 7

win8                     Set Windows version to Windows 8

win81                    Set Windows version to Windows 8.1

win95                    Set Windows version to Windows 95

win98                    Set Windows version to Windows 98

windowmanagerdecorated=n Prevent the window manager from decorating windows

windowmanagerdecorated=y Allow the window manager to decorate windows (default)

windowmanagermanaged=n   Prevent the window manager from controlling windows

windowmanagermanaged=y   Allow the window manager to control windows (default)

winver=                  Set Windows version to default (win7)

winxp                    Set Windows version to Windows XP

For some, the winetricks process will be easier with a GUI.  I suggest installing Zenity if you want one:

brew install zenity

# After installation finishes, you will have a neat GUI for winetricks. Use:

winetricks --gui


Okay, this is important, so listen up.  It's a known issue that .NET Framework 4.5 and up, (dotnet45 and up) does not install properly on a 64-bit WINEPREFIX, which was installed by default earlier (brew install wine). That is okay because a 64-bit WINEPREFIX may come in handy in the future.  To get around this issue, you will create a 32-bit WINEPREFIX.  

Creating the 32-bit prefix:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 wine wineboot

You will now have a 32-bit prefix located at:


Next, install the aforementioned winetricks in your new prefix.  It is important that you use these next commands any time you want to run or install ANYTHING inside of that 32-bit WINEPREFIX.  Remember, we need at least .NET Framework 4.6 to run PKHeX and we must install .NET Framework 4.6 in the 32-bit prefix, therefore we will be running PKHeX from inside of the 32-bit prefix. (I know, don't ask, lol)

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 wine "Program.exe"
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 winetricks "trick"

You have done all of the above and you're ready to run "PKHeX.exe".  Download PKHeX and remember its location.  It's usually in the Downloads folder.  Open Terminal and change directories to the PKHeX (version) folder. For example:

cd ~/Downloads/PKHeX\ \(171205\)


Then, run the executable:

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 wine PKHeX.exe

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 2.39.31 AM.png

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On 9.12.2017 at 9:35 AM, jasenyoface said:

Also necessary winetricks for PKHeX: dotnet461; corefonts; ckjfonts; tahoma.

You meant cjkfonts. Pls change that as typing in ckjfonts gives you 0 results.

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This is what happens when i try to download dotnet461, pls help

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.57.26 PM.png

That happens with the other winetricks too, it wont let me download any, it just gives me that same message.

Edited by Rowlet17

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On 2/1/2018 at 10:31 PM, Rowlet17 said:

This is what happens when i try to download dotnet461, pls help

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.57.26 PM.png

That happens with the other winetricks too, it wont let me download any, it just gives me that same message.

Confirm that you have ran this prior to installing Winetricks. 

brew install cabextract


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On 2/6/2018 at 9:31 PM, jasenyoface said:

Confirm that you have ran this prior to installing Winetricks. 

brew install cabextract


Thank you! I did that, but now when i try to run it it shows up with this error:5a95fd5619aeb_ScreenShot2018-02-27at4_50_00PM.png.4505e5380d07aeb338b8fee3208479d3.png

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33 minutes ago, Rowlet17 said:

Thank you! I did that, but now when i try to run it it shows up with this error:5a95fd5619aeb_ScreenShot2018-02-27at4_50_00PM.png.4505e5380d07aeb338b8fee3208479d3.png

Okay. this screenshot implies that you still need to run

winetricks dotnet461

If that winetrick fails to install try, "dontnet46".

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On 2/7/2018 at 12:31 AM, jasenyoface said:

Confirm that you have ran this prior to installing Winetricks. 

brew install cabextract


its not working for me now.

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cabextract installed correctly for me. However, I cannot get any of the winetricks installed. I've tried "winetricks dotnet461" and "brew install winetricks dotnet461" among other permutations. I'm running OSX Sierra. All other steps went fine until I tried doing any winetrick.


Thank you for any assistance.

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whenever i make it and i try to open it it just jumps and closes. im nor sure if it is because im using the wrong winetrick or something else. i am using pkhex.7z.  should i use 7zip or dotnet 46 or both.



thank you for your assistance.                


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i don't know how to run it on my mac after installing it, this is too complicated for me, someone help, i can't use the winebottler method, and i don't want to use terminal and install so many unnecessary programs just to get one thing to work, just seems to complex just to be able to run a simple application, is there any other way or a video in english explaining how to do this process?


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OK so I ran "brew install cabextract" and i got the "warning: taskset/cpuset not available on your platform!" error. Could you possibly tell me what it is I did wrong?

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I am trying to install dotnet461 however it says that it cannot be installed because it "conflicts with fotnet40, which is already intalled"




There is a lot of minor things that could use clarification. For example, do I tick each of boxes that have arrows on them or are some intentionally left unticked even though there is an arrow next to them?

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Is there DMG version for the recently updated version of PkHex? I remember downloading a version a few months ago that I could just open with Keka. Thanks. 

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I tried the app and the Winebottler method but they both don’t work AT ALL! I’m afraid to try the other methods because I don’t know coding whatsoever... Someone please help me!

The downloadable app won’t even open and Wine won’t open the original .exe version. Using Winebottler to convert it myself didn’t started to work at first but then gets stuck on “installing PkHex.exe”. 

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