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  1. I followed this step to the letter. How exactly should I go about getting and using that custom wine32on64? Do I NEED to pay for CrossOver for this to work? I apologize if this is a stupid question, I am not the most computer-literate of individuals. The CrossOver trick no longer works for me.
  2. I recently obtained a new Mac computer. My old one does not run OS X Mojave, but my current one does. On Yosemite, I don't have this issue, and I've just run PKHeX, and it went fine. This did not. I followed the OP instructions to the letter, including paying close attention to the prefix differences, as I did with my previous installations that were successful. The hell do I do now? EDIT 4/14/2019: Alright, this is a little bit, erm...roundabout so I'll see what I can explain. 1) You have your 32-bit prefix, I'll assume. You'll now need "wget". Type into Terminal the following code exactly: brew install wget. 2) Next, in order to get the winetrick for dotnet461 in the first place, type in: 3) Next, type in: 4) Follow installation instructions, then grab the other winetricks as instructed. Hope this helps!
  3. sorry if i'm necro-ing this topic, but has any progress been made on enabling box storage?
  4. cabextract installed correctly for me. However, I cannot get any of the winetricks installed. I've tried "winetricks dotnet461" and "brew install winetricks dotnet461" among other permutations. I'm running OSX Sierra. All other steps went fine until I tried doing any winetrick. Thank you for any assistance.
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