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  1. I don't know what I did but I created a new save backup, then a 2nd one. I then saved my main file directly into the correct folder rather than into downloads and moving it & now it works!! many thanks @theSLAYER for making me look at this whole process more logically, too. helped a lot!!
  2. i will attempt again and remove the .pk7 and let you know what happens. edit: I get the same issue. When I changed the file name to just "main" from "main.pk7" it changed from a .pk7 file to just a file. edit 2: yeah i didn't "export SAV>export main" so maybe that was my issue.. trouble shooting now. edit 3: didn't work. the files are saving as a main SAV type but are still causing the same issue. saving files to "._main" keep the save type as "MAIN" - this is how my backup is saved. but it still doesn't work. edit 4: might have a fix but i've corrupted my saved data and restoring my backup doesn't work. let me know if you have any ideas @theSLAYER
  3. I'm positive I'm doing something wrong. I've inserted 4 images: JKSV>Saves>Ultra Moon>main.pk7
  4. I was using this PkHeX file: here - it opened fine in PkHex. I'm attempting to restore into Ultra Moon
  5. Hello, I am new to PkHeX but not to using JKSM. I'm familiar with CFW and HomeBrew but the issue i've ran into has really frustrated me. I would like a living dex in USUM so I downloaded a file from this community, opened it in PkHex and checked the legality of many pokemon and I am very happy with the file. I saved it, renamed it to "main" and replaced the saved file in the JKSM saves folder (I have a backup of my save, no worries!) but whenever I go into JKSM and attempt to restore the PkHex file I get an error; "There was an error opening the file for writing", "0x00000001" Does anyone know what is causing this? I am using PKSM for now as a backup but it's not easy. I also cannot find any reference to this error online with a fix. Thanks for any help!! If you need pictures of anything feel free to ask me!
  6. No, I want to inject to USUM as I don’t have a hacked switch. That way I can trade from BANK to HOME. Only at the moment I’m having issues with an error reading the file for writing.
  7. Hello, I am very new to all of this, I decided to get Homebrew on my 3DS, it's all working but I'm having trouble injecting a save file into my USUM games. I've downloaded files from this website as I cannot get PkHeX working on my Mac - and it's not working. JKSM states "there was an error opening the file for writing" and then an 0x00000001 error following. Do you know what could be causing this?
  8. Not working for me, the .exe file isn't even showing in the selection part of winebottler. Is there something I can do to fix this?
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