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Festival Plaza Ideal Setup? USUM


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Does anyone know the ideal festival plaza setup? Does it really matter what trainer is in what facility? I personally wish they would bring back PSS and think this is worse than Join Avenue in B2W2, but i want to make the most of it. Any help with this amd guides to get ideal setup that wont be useless would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the 5S generic shop that sells the regional candies, the 5S ghost's den to win items like the Bottle cap and the Sacred ash or PP-MAX and other cool items and is the same for the 5S Confuse ray, then I have the 5S treasure hunt to win Bottle cap and Golden bottle cap and also the 5S Big dreams, today I won a Master ball!


However in the Plaza I miss a 5S ball shop, I don't know why finish to the 3Stars, I need of a seller that could have the Apricorn balls, maybe a 5S ball shop, that doesn't exist.

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I had researched the ball shop in past and found out no way to buy the apricorn balls even at the ball shops via  Festival Plaza. At most you can only ever get two of each in USUM. 

I am trying to get the ideal shop setup of items I cannot get anywhere else or that would be easier to get (example being bottle caps). Any items I can get already in game any time or that do things I can do for free at PokePelego, then I do not want them as we can only ever get seven facilities max. Also I am curious why get all these dye shops when we can just use berries? I am also unsure of the significance of what trainer is in charge of a facility unless it doesnt matter. Back on Join Avenue in gen 5 it did matter but may not now

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The trainer model shown in charge of a facility makes no functional difference.

Dye shops actually offer three distinct shades of a color: "pastel", "dark", and "bright". You can use berries to dye the pastel or dark shades of any color, no matter what color the dye shop specializes in, but you can never use berries to dye a "bright" color: you can only buy that dye with festival coins, and only from a 5-star dye shop of the specific color you want.

Switcheroo is another unique facility: your battle agency board will automatically refresh at midnight every day, or after you successfully complete a set of 3 battles there, but in case you get stuck with a crummy selection, Switcheroo also allows you to buy additional rerolls without waiting, a number of times per day equal to its star level (it maxes out at 3 stars). Battle Agency is by far the fastest way to earn FC, so being able to keep up the pace with that can only be good.

General Store 5 allows you to buy a PP Up (labeled "Unusual Product") once per day for 200 FC; Pharmacy 3 lets you buy "Unusual Medicines A and B" (Max Revive and Ether respectively), less useful than PP Up but still not sold in marts. You can at least buy all those at the beaches using BP instead of FC, though.

Rare Kitchen 5 sells several meals once per day subject to varying level caps, which are equivalent to Rare Candies except that they don't trigger new moves or evolution. They also sell two high-end meals per day that award 7 and 9 levels at once. Back in original SM (before the existence of Chansey chains), these kitchens were touted as an easy way to make the grind up toward 100--with a single Rare Kitchen, you could level one Pokemon up from 66 to 98 over the course of three days without having to take part in any battles; with two of them you could jump that gap in a single day. Rare Candies themselves are another item that you could theoretically buy with BP, but the FC equivalent is a lot more efficient.

Lottery shops (along with haunted houses) are seeded in a particular way, such that the prize from playing them the first time is always the same depending on the actual facility type. Notoriously, the first play on a Treasure Hunt 2 will always be a Bottle Cap, and likewise for higher level Treasure Hunts except that it's more expensive to buy them, so you might as well stick to 2: it's a popular facility to put in your first slot, so find someone who has it, register them as a VIP, and go talk to them whenever you want to "buy" another bottle cap. The way buying facilities works, there's a cost penalty for buying another copy of a facility that you already have, so trying to buy a TH2 when you already have a TH2 (even if you're just going to overwrite it in the same slot to refresh the first-time flag, and never end up possessing two copies of it at once) costs 200 FC. Instead, you can make a two-step process of overwriting the TH2 with any 1-star facility from a random passerby (or getting a level up and using one of Sophocles's free facilities to replace it), then request the TH2 again now that you no longer have one, and the total cost will be either 150 or 100--a net discount. A lot of people reserve one slot in their plaza for storing a Treasure Hunt 2, and clobbering/rebuilding it as necessary to get back to the first-time prize.

Other than that, Gold Rush 2 or higher will give a Big Nugget on the first play, which isn't normally very useful, but there was at least one niche for them in the past: one of the global missions in original SM asked you to win at lottery shops, but it only counted first-prize wins, nothing less. Since Gold Rush's Big Nugget is the #1 prize there, as opposed to Bottle Cap which is only prize #2 at Treasure Hunt, Gold Rush was the only way to guarantee a win that counted toward the total to get yourself into that mission. Big Dreams is the only type of lottery shop that does not offer either of its top two prizes (Rare Candy or Master Ball) as a first-time prize at any level, but levels 1 and 2 do offer Max Elixir, notable because there's no other reliable, repeatable source of those items in the entire game. Level 4 offers PP Up, and 5 offers PP Max, but it costs so much FC to buy those levels that repeatedly demolishing and rebuilding the facility for less is far less efficient than using General Store. Still, if you want to keep the slim chance open for winning an extra Master Ball, you don't really have any other option.

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