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tool SPICA (Model Tool)

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Here's another BCH tool that I helped work on with gdkchan to replace Ohana.


How is this better?:

The BCH (de)serializer has been completely rewritten, giving maximum flexibility and better BCH support.



- Import formats [BCH, SMD, GFModel]

- Export formats [BCH, SMD, DAE]

- Batch/Single texture export [PNG, GFTexture]

- Batch model export formats [SMD, DAE]

- Merge multiple models to the scene

- Animation playback [bone, material, visibility, camera]


Upcoming features:

- GFModel export










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So before I clear up space on my computer, does this support .bin models, like Ohana did/does? I've been using the GARC .bin models with Ohana, and I don't want to convert them all..

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Is there a way to swap pre-existing animations in files?

Just as an example with the image below, exporting 'Motion_13' and import it into 'Motion_12' etc.?

Does the Import button actually work?


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Posted (edited)

So, looking at conversations on the Github, it seems the import button literally isn't implemented.

Shame, because this tool actually solved an issue I was having with texture editing for clothing. (Which areas render as skin and clothing is determined by an image file Ohana can't detect.)

But I can't actually ACT on this because Ohana can't see the file, so it can't replace the file... And meanwhile Spica can see the file but can't replace it anyway.

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