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USUM - Roto O powers distribution (JP)


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So, this is a thing now


In The Games Department

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

It has been announced that, once per day in Japan, you will be able to receive a special distribution of a Rotom Power from the Roto Loto in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon in the Pokémon Center. These Rotom Powers you can receive include Roto Hatch, Roto Bargain, Roto Prize Money, Roto Experience Points, Roto Friendship, Roto Encounter and Roto Stealth. These distributions start on November 17th 2017 in Pokémon Centers

So, who is available to go and grab a ram dump? XD
I'm hoping it's purely random, and all will be in a single ram dump.

@Purin? @argus1963?

edit: source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2017/10/171020_p01.html?list=campaign

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10 minutes ago, jojo12100 said:

Maybe with a RAM dump we'll be able to understand how did Funfiesta special mission work in B2W2 ?

The Roto O Powers should be coming with wondercards.

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