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SM - HK Shiny Tapu Koku


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22 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

Another Shiny Tapu Koku!


If I understand this correct,


From April 28 - 31, with every purchase of the Mandarin or Japanese version of Pokemon Sun and Moon,
or to show/produce having purchased the game,
you'll get a serial code for the Alternate Colored Tapu Koko.

While stocks last.

I wonder if showing you have a cart (or maybe show it in your home screen, if its a digital purchase) is enough?

If you want to google translate it for your own purposes:


由2017年4月28日起至31日,凡購買"Pokemon sun moon"中文版或日文版原廠商品,或出示已購買的遊戲, 即可按數量獲贈異色"卡璞・鳴鳴"兌換序號一組。

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