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How to "Legit" Trade Evolve

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So, I get a Moon save file that I transfered my Scyther from yellow to moon, I want to know how I "legit" trade evolve that Scyther to Scizor, I know that I need to change it species(obviulsy), but the "residense thing" is the problem. The "last residence" of my scyther appears as Brazil, because my Yellow is from here (and I live here), now let's say if this "hypothetical trade" for evolution was with someone from Germany, and then change back with me (Brazil, Moon save file), what would the residence be like? I tried to open two PKHEX with a German save file and do the transfer(with drag and drop feature), but the residence has not changed. Someone can help me how the "residence thing" should become in this case? I just want to remember that Scyther is from a Gen 1 Game, and I transfered it from the normal way to Moon.

And my English isn't so good! Sorry, and Thanks!

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