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  1. For DS use DESMUME, but use MelonDS for transfer to Gen IV to V.
  2. I did some tests on Gen II, and it seems that the Egg DV's are determined when you give the the second Pokemon at the Day Care, the question is, there is a way to see those DV's before the Old Man gives you the Egg? (for the purpose of shiny breeding)...
  3. Your save loaded fine for me. You should try the latest build. https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/repository/download/PKHeX_BuildWindows/13515:id/PKHeX Build 3837.zip
  4. No way. https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/77a26c65f82373c1e7b942d91bbd6ad8c191ae07eab897497260ab0b360697b3/analysis/1506556488/
  5. Good Job ajxpk, do you know how PKHex handle the Pal Park and Trash Bytes when you drag and drop a Pokemon from Gen 3 to 4?
  6. I may know how to fix it, go to OT/MISC - Memories and set Last Residence to your country, or another...
  7. So, I just need to change species, and it should be good?
  8. So, I get a Moon save file that I transfered my Scyther from yellow to moon, I want to know how I "legit" trade evolve that Scyther to Scizor, I know that I need to change it species(obviulsy), but the "residense thing" is the problem. The "last residence" of my scyther appears as Brazil, because my Yellow is from here (and I live here), now let's say if this "hypothetical trade" for evolution was with someone from Germany, and then change back with me (Brazil, Moon save file), what would the residence be like? I tried to open two PKHEX with a German save file and do the transfer(with drag and drop feature), but the residence has not changed. Someone can help me how the "residence thing" should become in this case? I just want to remember that Scyther is from a Gen 1 Game, and I transfered it from the normal way to Moon. And my English isn't so good! Sorry, and Thanks!
  9. This also happens on Gen 3, sometimes when I'm viewing a Pkm the Nickname is checked, and the name is the same, but when you reload the save and check again it isn't checked.
  10. I can confirm it, by the way when you heal the Pokémon in PK Center it corrects the PPs.
  11. SciresM, the Gen 1 support is doing very well and fast, thanks to you! Keep your good work man! PKHeX will be THE tool.
  12. Cool! I'm at work now, when I get home will test it! Good work man! I have some bugs to report - When I transfer my mew from Gen 1 games, to Gen 3 to HP IV becomes 0, Mew's held item is invalid in Gen 2 too. - When I transfer my Gen 3 Bulbasaur to Gen 2 and 1, it species is invalid... But I can change it manually.
  13. I think pk2pk is outdated, anyway Kaphotics fix the bug in PKHeX, thanks for your report! If you want to use it, u need to compile or wait the next release. About pk2pk I test it using for for pal park pokemons and look at hex editor comparing with legit pal parked, there are differences in the hex code, wich PKHeX doesn't have.
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