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Catch Ghost Marowak


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So Here the research thread for Ghost Marowak.

I've seen a video on Youtube of guy who claims Ghost Marowak can be caught be modifying the RAM of your save at CFDA according to him.

CFDA corresponds to the Name of your opponent according to the Map but yeah it can be something around. Or the ROM to modify?

Here's my sav for those who wants to search with me but are lazy to begin a new adventure just for the event.

My theories: maybe the type of battle D057 or battle type D05A? Or there is a flag for ghosts?


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15 minutes ago, suloku said:

Do they get random DV? I guess it's the case, for what I know they only bothered to fix DV for shiny gyarados encounter on gen 2 (wich is a different encounter type, and you can't scape).

Yes, random DV.

The special Eggs in gen2 have also fixed DV.

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14 hours ago, thatonekid said:

@jojo12100 So if you don't mind, can you walk me through this. I am suuuper confused on how to get this to work. The most I did was transform the Ghost to a 3TrainerPoke. I have no clue what I am doing but it sounds like you got it to work. Plz I just wanna catch em all. All 190 :)

As I said I copied/pasted the datas of Marowak into a wild pokemon, a better and faster way to get it will be to change the battle type from ghost pokemon to wild pokemon but I failed doing it. Apparently however some people succeeded using glitch Pokemon at least in gen3.

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@thatonekid I'll surely break a myth but actually it's a random marowak just female only in gen3 and uncatchable in all generations (ghost battle) but it can even be shiny for example in gen3 the only thing is that because of the ghost battle you won't see it if it's so I saw french shinyhunters first used glitch pokemon to turn the battle mode from ghost to normal to then check if it was or not.

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1 hour ago, thatonekid said:

I need to change it from both D057 AND D05A???

And why are the files in PK1? Am I supposed to make it a .dmp?


Yeah you have to change both if you want to change the ghost into a normal one.

I put them in pk1 in order to be easy added into Pkhex only but that format doesn't exist in gen1.

You can make a .dmp of the wild pokemon like I did but you're not forced to.

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