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Level 50 Stats Preview (Feature Request)


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Considering how many people play with Pokémon at level 50 online (Normal rules and on the Battle Spot), it would be very, very helpful if there was a column in addition to the "Stats" boxes on the "Stats" tab that would preview the stats for the Pokémon when the Pokémon is at level 50, regardless of what level it's actually set to from the Main Tab.  There's plenty of extra space for it, see the red box in the image below:


So regardless of what level the Pokémon is actually set to, we could see what its stats would be whenever it's used in a Normal Battle or on the Battle Spot.  This would be especially helpful since lots of Pokémon learn moves AFTER level 50.  As it currently is, I have to constantly change between level 100 and level 50 on the "Main" tab to make sure that I'm not wasting any EVs for EVERY Pokémon that I make with PKHeX, which is rather annoying.  I also have to use many teams at both Level 100 and level 50, so having two columns giving me the stats for both levels simultaneously would be extremely helpful.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could make that column have a box above it so you could preview the Pokémon's stats at ANY level (based upon whatever number is entered) but the default is always set to 50 since that would be the most useful.

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I think your most makes a lot of sense and I think it is a valid request,
however, the issue I have is regarding that fact that you may be using pkhex'd pokemon online.

You may want to read this page again:

Since what you're mentioning still falls within legal boundaries at this point,
your thread will remain.

I'm posting that as a reminder/note, before you make any further posts that may infringe any categories inside.

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Well, they did specifically say they wanted this feature because it would be helpful when they make Pokémon to battle online with.

I think Normal rules refers to playing vs. friends, but Battle Spot is definitely random matchup and includes a rated mode so eh.

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I don't think anyone would want to see the current stats and the level X stats at the same time; if someone wants to see the stats of level X when defining values, they can temporarily set the level to X in the other tab. Could be considered visual clutter as most users wouldn't care about level X stats, or could get confused which stat column is the actual.

Not really worth implementing for reasons listed above, plus it's heavily related to playing online.

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