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  1. Considering how many people play with Pokémon at level 50 online (Normal rules and on the Battle Spot), it would be very, very helpful if there was a column in addition to the "Stats" boxes on the "Stats" tab that would preview the stats for the Pokémon when the Pokémon is at level 50, regardless of what level it's actually set to from the Main Tab. There's plenty of extra space for it, see the red box in the image below: So regardless of what level the Pokémon is actually set to, we could see what its stats would be whenever it's used in a Normal Battle or on the Battle Spot. This would be especially helpful since lots of Pokémon learn moves AFTER level 50. As it currently is, I have to constantly change between level 100 and level 50 on the "Main" tab to make sure that I'm not wasting any EVs for EVERY Pokémon that I make with PKHeX, which is rather annoying. I also have to use many teams at both Level 100 and level 50, so having two columns giving me the stats for both levels simultaneously would be extremely helpful. If you wanted to get fancy, you could make that column have a box above it so you could preview the Pokémon's stats at ANY level (based upon whatever number is entered) but the default is always set to 50 since that would be the most useful.
  2. Thanks, yeah, I noticed that too. It's kind of annoying but oh well.
  3. So I imported a save file from my Pokémon Moon game into Pokémon Sun and everything is working perfectly so far. All of my Pokemon, my trainer's name, my location in-game, etc. all got transferred, but I also haven't made it very far into the game yet. I'm wondering, do you think that this will probably cause problems later down the line when I run into something that's version exclusive? Or are the save data formats identical for both Sun and Moon and then it's just files in the games themselves that are different so that the save data points to the same place where different files are located? I'm just wondering if the fact that I imported a save from Pokemon Moon into Pokemon Sun will have any implications.
  4. One of my opponents had a Japanese game (I think?) and had some Pokémon with Korean/Chinese (can't tell sorry) nicknames. My other opponent had Pokémon with English nicknames though (a Growlithe named Archimedes, for example) so I assume it was the first battle video I mentioned that didn't have the nicknames show up. Anyway, I'm glad that I could be helpful. Hopefully the the fact that the nicknames didn't show up won't be a problem. EDIT: Here's the code to the battle with weird nicknames. Now you can verify if those characters are the reason or not: M6MG-WWWW-WWWW-UGSM
  5. I was finally able to obtain some. They were surprisingly more difficult to obtain than I thought they would be. JK's Save Manager wouldn't work so I had to go back to SaveDataFiler. Anyway, the extdata can be downloaded from Google Drive in the link below. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47NvHsybdzZRG9TdFFPb0ZmSXM This only includes two single battles in the "btvideo" folder.
  6. First of all, is it even possible to export battle video data from Sun/Moon? I've had no luck finding out so far. If so, will an update to PKHeX support importing these battle videos just as it can be done for ORAS?
  7. Sorry, I'm not sure where to ask this, but are Triple & Rotation Battles COMPLETELY removed from Sun and Moon? Not only just not being on Battle Spot, but COMPLETELY removed?!?
  8. I see. Well, good luck! Thanks for all the hard work!
  9. I understand that it could be more challenging to make, but why is there no legality checker implemented for Pokémon that came from previous generations ("Origin Game" in PKHeX set to anything other than XY/ORAS)? Is a feature like this a work in progress or should I never expect it at all? Also, I noticed that the latest version of PKHeX includes a database of (I think all) of the Gen 6 events, which is absolutely fantastic. However, will event Pokémon given out in previous generations ever be added to the database (for example, Shiny Winter Raikou with Extreme Speed, Weather Ball, Aura Sphere, and Zap Cannon)?
  10. Thanks. I'm not sure what I'd be looking for when using the hex editor though, but at least it's possible.
  11. So I know PKHeX can read ORAS battle videos and get information about the Pokémon that partook in them. However, is it possible to make edits to those Pokémon in PKHeX AND THEN put the edited Pokémon back into the battle video somehow? Here's an example application: On Rating Battle Spot, Pokémon nicknames are disabled. If I saved a battle video from battle spot, put it into PKHeX and renamed the Pokémon and then somehow put them back into the battle video, then the battle video could play with the Pokémon having edited nicknames. Is this possible? If not with PKHeX, any other way? I'm just curious.
  12. Ah, thanks, I see. I didn't realize that a save file had to be loaded. Well, that fixed all of my problems. Thanks for the answer.
  13. So I copied my PKHeX file (the newest release, August 7th 2016) and renamed the file to PKHaX. However, when I'm using it, even though I get the message that says "Illegal Mode Activated, please behave," I actually can't do anything different from regular PKHeX. I cannot change my Pokémon's abilities to whatever I want (I still only have options for the default abilities) and it won't let me break the EV limit either. Even when I do forcibly change all of these things, the boxes are still red and it won't let me "Set" the Pokémon in a box, just like with regular PKHeX. Was PKHaX discontinued or something? The following pictures were taken with PKHaX.exe open and you can see that I can't set any Pokémon that has a hacked ability or EV limit. http://prntscr.com/c41a4o http://prntscr.com/c41atr
  14. Okay, I know that it's way too early to be asking about this, but I'm curious. Given that Sun and Moon will be on the 3DS and we already have tools like SaveDataFiler, are there plans to extend PKHeX into Gen 7 (Sun & Moon)? Or, for example, will a new program be made for these games similar to how PokeGen is for Gen 5 (and lower) while PKHeX is Gen 6? Once again, I know virtually nothing about how difficult it is to get a program to interpret save data as wonderfully as PKHeX does, so I imagine that it could be difficult for Gen 7 (especially since we know absolutely nothing about it yet.) That's why I'm merely curious; are there any plans, as of right now, to continue PKHeX into Gen 7 whenever it's released?
  15. I know that anybody could just PokeGen these event Pokemon into their games, but does anybody know of any kinds of Action Replay codes that will give you the exact same Wonder Cards (for D P Pt Hg Ss) that you would have obtained if you actually attended the event? All I can find online are codes that just put those Pokemon into your boxes, but I need the actual, fully legitimate Wonder Card put onto my game so that I can then pick up the Pokémon at the Poké Mart. Has anybody done this? For example, I know that then Gen 6 PowerSaves allows you to obtain the legitimate Wonder Cards. Is there a way to do this for Gen 4? The reason for this is because I cannot figure out how to PKHeX a legal Defog/Shadow Force Arceus, Aura Sphere Raikou, Extreme Speed Entei, or Eruption Heatran to save my life. If I could just get those legitimate Wonder Cards, I could clone them after receiving them in-game, send them up through bank and then just edit the stats and moves as I would need to (I have access to my Omega Ruby .sav file).
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