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XYORAS - Gardevoir Serialcode Distribution (KO)


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There's is going to be a Gardevoir distribution in Korea starting next Tuesday. Distribution will be done via a public serialcode that is shown in the anime episode airing on Tooniverse on September 20 at 5pm (Korean Time).

Pokemon: Gardevoir

Gender: random

Level: 100


ID: 09206

Ability: Synchronize

Nature: random


Dazzling Gleam
Stored Power
Calm Mind

Item: Gardevoirite

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon

Location: a lovely place

Dates: September 20, 2016 - ???

Game Distribution: XY, ORAS

Distribution Type: Serialcode "NEWEPISODE"

Sources: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/news/655

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No Shinyness :confused: It's another Guarde? Not the one from the Movie? :confused:

This one is probably based on Diantha's Gardevoir as it appears in the episode next Tuesday, while the one from the movie belongs to a girl named Chymia.

Here is the preview for that episode. At 0:04 you can see Diantha and her Gardevoir.

That should be XY132 http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/XY132

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I'm not sure if you need the flavour texts, but I will post them anyways:

Top Text

포켓몬스터 새로운 에피소드 방송기념

포켓몬만화영화를 봐 주셔서


소포는 포켓몬센터에 있는

배달원에게 받으십시오!!


Pokemon New Episode Commemoration

Thank you for watching the Pokemon Anime Movie!

You can pick up your package from the delivery girl at the Pokemon Center!

Bottom Text

포켓몬스터 새로운 에피소드 방송기념

포켓몬스터 XY&Z 의 새로운 에피소드

TV방송을 기념해서 가디안나이트를 지닌

가디안을 선물합니다!



Pokemon New Episode Broadcast Commemoration

Because we are commemorating a new Pokemon XY&Z episode TV broadcast we are giving a Gardevoir holding a Gardevoirite as a gift!

I have yet to obtain the actual Pokemon because I have a few other Pokemon to receive from the delivery girl before getting this one ㅠㅠ

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