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Gen VI Guide in Getting a Legal Non-Legendary Pokemon


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Remember: Project Pokemon does not condone the use of generated Pokemon in Online battles and Trades.

Things you will need:

  • A 3DS / 3DS XL on Firmware 9.0-9.4
  • The Internet
  • PKHeX
  • Your Sav file which can be obtained via RAM2Sav
  • A hatched Pokemon from your game on your game. At least one egg per generated Pokemon is preferable.


  1. Open your Sav file with PKHeX
  2. View your hatched Pokemon. (Right click the Pokemon, View)
  3. Main Tab
  4. Modify the species to the correct species.
  5. Set nickname if applicable. If you set a nickname, check off the box
  6. If you need to change the gender, toggle it now.
  7. Set your level. This must be greater than that greatest possible move level that you have. Blaziken must be at least level 49 for it to know Brave Bird in X/Y. Optionally, add a few experience points.
  8. Set your nature and held item. These are pretty straight forward. Make sure your item is available though. Items from previous generations are impossible.
  9. If this is a fully trained Pokemon, set its happiness to 255.
  10. Set your ability. If your Pokemon has the same ability twice, it's better to choose ability 1.
  11. Met Tab
  12. If you are using the same egg, then you might want to change the dates. Remember that a decent egg can take a few days to get perfect, so space them out if possible. Met date should be on the same day as Egg Met Date.
  13. Pokeball can be changed if that Pokemon is legitimately obtainable in such a Pokeball. If this is a starter Pokemon, then it is more likely to be in a Pokeball with small exceptions.
  14. Stats Tab
  15. Hit Randomize IVs once.
  16. Pick up to 5 stats to change to max if you so choose.So, a lot of these Pokemon have 3 Max IV variants already. Given two max IV parents and a destiny knot, it's quite easy to get a 5 Max IV Pokemon. You don't need a 6 Max IV Pokemon. Statistically, it is more legal to have a 31 than a 30 in a stat.
  17. Select your 510 EVs. It is more likely to have 510 EVs than it is to have 508 because of the nature of wild battles in Pokemon games.
  18. Moves Tab
  19. Select your 4 moves.. They must all be available in this generation. For Blaziken, check here.
  20. Select your necessary PP Ups. Always ask if you really need a PP Up in that move. Do you really need extra Agilities?
  21. If your Pokemon is of a different species, fill it's relearn moves with all of the level 1 moves of its base evolution. Blaziken would get Torchic's scratch and growl.
  22. For each egg move your Pokemon is learning, add them to the empty slots of the relearn moves. If you run out of empty slots, go back up to the first slot and start filling them in from the top again. If Blaziken is to know Feather Dance, Baton Pass, and Curse, you should have the following relearn moves: Curse, Growl, Feather Dance, Baton Pass.
  23. Clean Up
  24. On the last tab, if you are using multiple of this Pokemon, hit Reroll Encryption Constant
  25. On the Main tab, hit Reroll PID
  26. Right click in your PC box, and hit Set
  27. Export your save and send it back to your game. Refer back to RAM2Sav for instructions on this.

If you have diverged from these instructions, do not ask for help.

This is NOT too much work to hatch a few Pokemon. Most of us have to hatch hundreds of eggs to get the Pokemon we want. O-Powers, Flame Body Pokemon, and just cycling around the Battle Resort is all you need.

If you need help, make a new thread in this subforum. Do not post here unless you want to explicitly comment on my post.

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Thanks for the guide, it answered some of my questions. But what about memories?

If you get a pokemon traded and suddenly it has your own OT and all ID's, it might have complications.

Editing eggs (or hatchlings) like that is so much safer.

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