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Web Browser RAM-based Pokemon Injection for XY and ORAS.

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Has anyone had trouble battling over WiFi after using this method? I'm honestly not sure if it's because of the files I copied to my SD card or just my internet connection, but every time I try and battle someone, I get a communication error. Battle spot works fine, but connecting to others does not :/ Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem.

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this still works on the update that just came out today show me what the sd card looks like in the root

Here it is. Also, I wasn't aware there was an update today. :o


Edit: Oh, weird, it just worked. Shiny Cyndaquil, plain as day... Wonder why it wouldn't work before?

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1: Not updating your 3DS is always a bad idea, since it leaves you out of the latest upgrades to the system, however minor. Just ask yourself: is cheating really all you care about in your games? Besides, with this kind of method, I doubt Nintendo has any big issue against it for the time being. It's easier for them to "punish" cheaters by just further updating the Legal Checker.

2: I don't know what you've been reading, but it's all mush. First off, if you'd just have read the very first post, you'd already have your answer anyways. Second, that question has already been asked to death in each of these threads.

Regardless, the update is for the 3DS console, not the game. All these things do is edit your game's save file through a trick using the Web Browser, so the update can't hurt you by editing your save (though if you somehow messed up the process, you could ruin your save yourself, of course; this risk comes with any form of cheating, to some extent anyways.)

Also, the update doesn't care about your SD card in the first place. It's a system update. And they won't ever edit data on your SD card beyond what was put there by their software.

3: However, you CAN have potential problems if you try to do piracy/homebrew, as those DO make changes to your 3DS software, which is obviously not a very smart thing to do in the first place. (To compare, in the Wii/DS days, that wasn't as much an issue, since there just wasn't much Nintendo could do about it due to how the systems were. Now, we are beyond that in the WiiU/3DS age, and doing stupid things can have bad results. Nintendo has every right to issue an update to their software that inadvertently ruins your gaming life if you edit their software (you did not buy it, nor have any rights to tamper with it. That's why we have words like Copyright.)

I very much assume this is NOT the case for you, or most people here, so no worries! You're good to update!

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