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Articuno, Mind Reader + Sheer Cold pew pew!

OHKO moves are banned in standard play anyway. And really, with Articuno's x4 rock weakness (meaning losing half of it's health due to Stealth rock) it really isn't all that great of a strategy anyway, even if OHKO moves became allowed in standard play.

(and Sturdy Magnezone basically is a perfect counter to it)

And the above poster is correct. "No legends" is a (stupid) clause usually used under the assumption that legendary Pokemon are inherently special and very powerful. Really, they aren't, and more than a few actually kind of suck.

However, I chose to list those alternate clauses because those are POPULAR/common additional clauses. I came up with that list by either:

  • Observation at various Pokemon battling communities
  • Official Nintendo tournament rules
  • Optional clauses in Pokemon games such as PBR

I could write a book about every single stupid extra clauses that are out there, but those outlined in the OP are the most common,

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ya I know ubers dont consist of just legendary pokes but like you just metioned Celebi and Jirachi are considered legends and I didnt know if the rules say I couldnt use them even though they are OUs

Anything below uber is usable, if people get uppy about you using them tell them to stuff it. :grog:

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