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Pokémon Amethyst Version


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Hello! I am currently working on a new Pokémon game, Amethyst! :D

If anyone would like to help me, could someone give ideas for new Pokémon? Any help is greatly appreciated!

List of planned in-game features:

~A new story!

~A new evil team! (Like Team Rocket or Galactic)

~Hopefully over 100 new Pokémon!

~A few previous regions, plus a new one, Morto! (Name is still TBA, but this may work)

~Dark and Shadow Pokémon!

~New Deoxys Forms (Credit: soulsilver)

~New Items!

~New Trainers!

~Editing Trainer Appearance! (Clothes, Skin, Hair, etc.)

~Online Tournaments! (With in-game prizes!)

~Online Events!

~Battles against all previous protagonists: Red, Leaf, Ethan, Kris, Lyra, Brendan, May, Wes, Michael, Lucas, Dawn, Touya, and Touko! (Touya and Touko being the Japanese names for the players in Black and White)

~Battles against all previous rivals: Blue, Silver, Wally, Barry, Cheren, and Bianca! (Blue will, however, be a gym leader)

~And more to be released later!!

Just so there is no confusion, Amethyst WILL BE ON THE COMPUTER, not DS or any other gaming system, and THIS IS NOT A ROM HACK OR AN EDIT! A major pro of it being an online game is that I can update it (for glitch-fixing or just extras)! Also, Missingno and ??? Arceus will have data in my game, but only in case of glitches so that the game doesn't crash (However, I think beta testers might be able to get a working "glitch" Pokémon as a reward).

Current Production Stage (CPS): Planning. Need concept art, ideas, and names.

Current Projected Release Date (CPRD): March 27th, 2084; This could be lowered significantly with more help however. ;)

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i will help with the sprites these were meant for my game but you can use them since i got rid of the idea for my game you can edit if you want

:eek:WOW! Those are great! :biggrin: If you could make those into picture files also it would be great!:biggrin:

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PokeHacker, I took my sketch book with me to work *is on lunch right now* and sketched out the pokes. If you like the designs, I can probably get the pixeled Wednesday or Thursday.

I can't wait to see them!

I might be able to come up with ideas and draw them but I won't be able to turn them into sprites. :P

That is still going to be a great help!

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