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I'm a bit out of the loop. What exactly does this do, and how does it work?

Well, judging from what I see, it looks like you can essentially create your own Pokemon, or at least within the boundaries it has?

Yes, you can create your own pokemon. It is kind of like Pokegen, without save file support.

In the first post, I have features I want to make and features I've made(obviously).

For ex., the G4 to G5 Converter converts your pokemon from any forth gen pokemon into a new poketransfered fifth gen pokemon.

If you want a tutorial, I can make one for you

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I'll post a tutorial over a couple of posts

There is only one big tab, PKM. Under it are five other tabs: Info, Met, Stats, Attacks, and OT. Let's start with the info tab.

PID: AKA personality value. The Generate PID function isn't very helpful, so I recommend using PikaEdit's PID function. Or, just type in a random hexadecimal number.

EXP: Your pokemons experience. The max value for each isn't set yet, so you'll probably have to Google it.

Pokemon and Nickname: The nickname switch to the selected Pokemon automatically.

Poke Ball: The type of ball your pokemon is in.

Ability: Abilities can be chosen with the box next to the Ability box

Happiness: Happiness rating between 0 and 255.

Item: what item you want the pokemon to hold.

Language: Self-explanatory

Nature: determines stat boosts and drops

Hometown: Game Recieved in.

Checksum: DON'T TOUCH

Male/Female: Determines gender(broken)

Checkboxes: Read their text.

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Now, the Met tab.

Egg Location: If your pokemon isn't hatched from an egg, leave it at BLANK1. If you want to set it to day-care, it won't work.

Met Location: Don't do anything past PokeShifter.

Dates: Year, Month, and Day you received your pokemon

Encounter Type: Leave this at the one that says Pal Park.

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Finally, the OT tab.

ID: Trainer ID. You can see this in the game.

SID: Trainer Secret ID. If you don't know this, I recommended going to http://pokecheck.org/ Follow the easy onsite instructions to upload a pokemon.

Trainer Name: Your Trainer Name.

Male/Female: Determines Trainer gender.

Met Level: Level you met your pokemon at.

Final note: Nickname and Trainer Name trash bytes are.not supported yet.

Edit: You HAVE to add .pkm at the end of the file. The program won't do it for you.

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There are some on Pokecheck,

an example would be https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=4665674 and https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=4738932

Just a note/reminder: Spikey Pichu cannot be sent to Gen V, and even if you "hack" into Gen V, it will not show. How it is identified in Gen IV is the same "forme change" bit as other Pokemon.

Also, a Shiny variation is programmed into the game, but I read that the game prevents you from receiving one.

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