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ok, I've noticed that there is a lot of programs on this message board, that is all scattered around. so it got me to thinking, "maybe I should make a thread, to put all of the programs together in one, so that people can find the programs easier?" that's what made me make this thread.

these are all the programs that are listed, that has been posted onto this message board so far.

I did not list Pokesav, because you can download on the website. but now I did anyway. ;P

I did not post PokesavDS, neither PokeMod, because that the link to the programs wasn't on their threads. that's why they're left off of the list for the time being.

just remember: some of the information of the programs can be outdated, so check the original threads before posting on here and saying that this thread is outdated.

Save editing

The Save editing tool list is now maintained at the Pokémon Editing Tool Directory

RAM editing


Action Replay DSi Code Manager

Action Replay DS Installer

Action Replay DS Media Edition Installer

Original information link to original thread

alright, here are the ARDS and ARDSME installers of Action Replay Code Managers.

Action Replay DS Installer

Action Replay DS Media Edition Installer

also, these have the correct NDAlink.inf files, which are the driver files, that connects your ARDS to the computer.

if the ARDS one doesn't work of connecting your ARDS to the computer, then try the ARDSME one; because they're both the same, it's just that the ARDSME one has an extra program with it.

now you don't have-to worry about losing your ARDS discs, because I've provided them for you. ;P

one more thing, you don't need to mount these on your virtual drive, to run the setup files; if you have a virtual drive.

The latest Action Replay DS updates can be found in the support section Datel's official website: Codejunkies.com

ROM editing

The list of ROM editing tools will be maintained in the ROM forum.

if I had missed any programs, please let me know, or post the links to the threads of the programs on this thread; so I can add them onto the list, or unless a moderator can add programs to the list.

one last thing, I hope a moderator of this section can sticky this. >.>

- Soldjermon

[edit by evandixon]

Removed programs that are obsolete or contain nothing but dead links

Removed save editing lists in favor of my more recent thread

Removed listed ROM program in favor of a bigger list of ROM editing tools

Renamed thread from 'programs list'

I'll try to add more stuff for RAM later

Edited by evandixon
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