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Thread: Rom Editing Tools

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    Rom Editing Tools

    Here is a list of the current ROM editing tools available. This list will be updated as more tools are added. If you wish to contribute please PM me or SCV.

    A list of editing tools exclusively for Black/White 1 and 2 will be maintained at the BW/B2W2 General FAQ.

    PPRE (2)
    Supports all main Gen 4 and 5 ROMs
    Current Editors: Pokemon Editor, Text Editor, Move Editor
    Recoding of PPRE .5 BETA.

    Evolution Editor For D/P
    Nitro ROM Explorer
    Narc File Replacer
    PPRE for Pokemon D/P/P
    NDSeditor Rom Explorer
    Pokemon Data Editor for D/P
    Tahaxan Rom Explorer
    Wild Pokemon Editor for D/P/P
    Pokemon Trainer Editor for D/P/P
    Pokemon Sprite Inserter/Extractor

    All tools are the property of their creators. If you require help with a specific tool please ask here.
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