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I feel bad that only Gothitelle got the extra type, so I was wondering, What type should the Solosis  

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  1. 1. I feel bad that only Gothitelle got the extra type, so I was wondering, What type should the Solosis

    • Normal
    • Grass
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Steel
    • Poison
    • Fight
    • Dark
    • Dragon
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Bug
    • Flying
    • Ghost
    • Ground
    • Electric
    • I'll think about it and post on the thread.......
    • Keep them the way they are!

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Pokémon Black X | Pokémon White X

Base Game: Pokémon Black (U) | Pokémon White (U)

Last Updated: Last Year



  • Pokemon Black and White X are hacks brought to you by me(Dan Firan), cataboy123, Drayano, Oxnite, Pedro250, KazoWAR, Aninymouse, Andibad, Neltazero, SugarBaby, Kaphotics, My best friend Blaxe and of course Nintendo. The main purpose of this hack is to give the players a new experience with improved Pokémon and new battles. How far will you go to get all 649 Pokémon? This hack allows you to catch all 649 known Pokémon. This may not be a good hack at all. But it isn't my job to judge, it's yours.


  • cataboy123: He helped me to re-start my project by inspiring me.
  • Drayano: He started all of this. Without him this hack wouldn't've seen the light of day.
  • Oxnite: His OxATTACK tool helped me, it might be small, but its worth mentioning.
  • Pedro250: His EVOLUTION EDITOR really helped, it might be small, but its worth mentioning.
  • KazoWAR: .........................*speechless*. He was the one that helped me most. Replacing OW sprites, MUGS, and battle sprites were all possible 'cause of him. Also the Wild editing and Trainer Editing were possible because of him.
  • Aninymouse: VERY inspring person here.
  • Andibad: Andi's tools and his inspiring words really helped me.
  • Nintendo: Of course, without these guys, the game itself wouldn't exist.
  • SugarBaby: He replied to my PM, even though he wouldn't've been able to help with my hack.
  • Kaphotics: And of course, Kaph. Without him the interaction levels would've stayed the way they normally are.
  • And to you my good reader: for playing the hack or reading this thread.






  • Trainer editing: 99.9%
  • Pokémon modifications: 99.9%
  • Move-set mods: 100%
  • Move mods: 100%
  • Interaction Levels: 100%
  • Items: 100%
  • Text: 25.4%
  • Trade Data: 100%

Overall: 90.7%

010.gifKnown bugs:013.gif

I haven't heard of any bugs yet. But be sure to report to this thread if you find out a bug.

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Hey I need some help guys! Mostly in hex editing cause I need to mod the move-sets and the items received. But it would also be great to have someone that knows a thing or two about sprite replacing. Re-coloration's also something I need help with. If you see this post, please spread the news. It would be great if Drayano or Aninymouse were willing to help.

P.S. Drayano, I need help with putting in the over-world sprites into my hack. So if you could spare a minute or two. Thank you very much!

P.P.S. I am taking down the patch link cause I need to mod a lot of things in it. SO sorry! Will get it up as soon as we get it up a notch!

~KAY. THAAAANX~ :biggrin:

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Tell us what kinds of changes you want to make. Tell us the idea behind your project. Is there anything unique or interesting about your project? Right now, only you know the answer to that question, and that is a big problem. I have a lot of things to do for my own project, you know.

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Its a Hack of Black and White!!!! I need skilled people like Drayano or you to help me replace sprites, Modify the movesets through hex values (I am not a fan of Hex Values at all), and also insert some sprites into the game! Please help me! The purpose is giving the people who play it a new experience! Giving them the chance to get all 649 pokemon! Giving them new flavors of battle by including gym leaders from other regions. I've had this idea for a long time now. But i wasn't able to do anything because I can't modify any hex values! If it was possible I was going to make a new Hero. But all because of hex values I can't! Please HELP MEEEEE!

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There is something that I could use help with. I've been trying to get get Iris and Drayden at the same place (overworld) to make a double battle for the gym. Wouldn't that be cool although when I try to insert the sprites, blurry static images! HELP ME! Here are the battle sprites and the vs. sprites.


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Maybe it isn't that difficult. I saw a video of someone writing and inserting a script in which the player meets a Mew at the trailer in which Zoroark disguises herself as a woman. If that is possible then all I need to do is get myself into hacking gear and learn myself some hex editing.

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Hey peepz. I am not really gettin a lotta support. Don't blame me for not being able to hack it any faster. I am in HIGH school. A get a lotta school work and I gotta be in full gear coz there's a concert comin up at my school. And I got dragged into it. Please answer that poll and please write "Proud supporter of Black X and White X"! It's the least you guyz could do. I am really busy and kinda down that I am not gettin a lotta support. Sometimes it's all it takes to motivate somebody. Please! :'(

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What extra type got Gothitelle? Dark? If so, then Psychic/Ghost to match 'Dark and Ghost' theme BUT IMO this is a bad change and terrible dual type.


Pure Psychic(No Changes) or Psychic/Normal

Others types for looks and type wise: Steel or Electric

Maybe Psychic/Water too but i don't think is necessary just because of Starmie and SlowBROS'

I love this. If you need some help with IDEAS for types/abilities/stats/etc just PM or post it here.

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Well. It's not ideas that I need (much) right now. It's help for things like inserting sprites and changing gifted and on the ground items. And also I could use some help changing the interaction levels of Zekrom Reshiram, Thundurus, Tornadus and Kyurem and Victini. Think you could help?

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