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Pokemon Black White Hack: Kanto/Johto Remake


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Pokemon KJ Remake


Pokèmon (I have no title ideas) Version


Pokemon pink is a Kanto Johto remake...

You're a young trainer who has just been given, along with your two friends,

their first pokemon as their 13 birthday present...

your glad to begin your journey untill a new syndicate

by the name of team Rocket begins to steal pokemon from trainers.

You meet a young red head boy who seems to hate weak

pokemon. you have a hunch he is related to

the Rockets yet your not so sure...

This will be the first successful Gen V remake

--------------------characters: 62%

player:red leaf 100%

Friends: green yellow 100%

Champion: Gary 100%

Rival: Silver 100%

Antagonist: team rocket 50%


introducing the new pokemon Pinx! 70%

female torchic have their beta design 100%

Honoguma 100%

starters are bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle 100%

Alpha Pokemon like HONOGUMA make an appearance!


wild kanto/johto pokemon 100%

----------------------music: 90%


Story 90%

Grapics/Aestetics 100%



Downloads (go to the youtube page):

version 0.3:



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Hmm... maybe you're right....

,but BIDOOF is not a waste of space.

If anything our divine creator is the one and only Pokemon to own.

BIDOOF's name must also not be written like anyone else's name.

It must be written in all caps.

Thank you for the advice, and change will come.

May BIDOOF bless you.

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BW map tools have not come out unfortunately, but i have made the maps similar to kanto/johto as much as names, music, encounters, and npcs as possible. I want this game to be as close to a gen 1 remake as possible. i'll be posting a bet soon.

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I am willing to put fakemon in this hack


-I must have an image/link of the pokemon

-rough stats (what is it good at/ whats it's type)

-evolutionary line

-where do you want this pokemon caught

credit will be given

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It's mostly the missing Eeveelution. I think for some of them something like Leafeon and Glaceon evo could work. I know the fighting one could evolve near the Challenge Rock or something similar, steel could be like magnezone but for other don't really know how it could work, maybe the normal one can evolve with a shiny stone.

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