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  1. 2hours trying to get some HA leftover from breeding on Wonder Trade and nothing yet.
  2. Don't know if it's possible to add new pokemons since Gen VI just got announced and I'm sure it will take a while before hacking a 3D pokemon and mostly on 3DS.
  3. Now with the upcoming 6h generation we will need to update the hack with this new generation.
  4. Cleffary line should be Normal/Psychic and why not make Snorlax a Sumo warrior with Normal/Fighting ?
  5. The starters should be given in event instead of found in the wild seriously. I liked how they done that in Yellow Version.
  6. Weezing using selfdestruct and explosion is mostly a joke, since they use it most of time as their first move...
  7. Oh I want to know if you can share me your tileset you used ? Would want to use it for a skin in Pokemon World Online.
  8. I like the Ghost/Normal Keckleon type, since it's mostly like a Ghost since he cannot be seen without a proper device normally because of his camouflage. And I don't know if it's a good idea but having Snorlax Normal/Fighting with soem fighting move to be a sumo like fighter can be interesting. I still think Clefairy family should be Normal/Psychic typed tho.
  9. I just hope you fix those black outfits. Don't make them pure black it don't looks good. You should do like this: Black outline but lighter black so you can see more stuff and to not make it look like a huge black blob thing. Here an example: Would need a little rework on it but it look a bit better than only black.
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