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  1. The Pokémon Meta Mercury Demo is out now! (April Fools!) DL Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6x20jo211q056fk/Pok%C3%A9mon_Meta_Mercury_Special_Demo.zip Be the first to play the very first playable demo of the game Make sure to report all bugs in the thread
  2. Your PokéTab comes with your very own Digital Assistant! More information Coming Soon!
  3. Discord Server is now Public Click to Join: https://discord.gg/CGYWm9R
  4. Discussion on this project has usually taken place on /vp/. It has recently been moved to Discord. If you want to be involved in the development discussion, fill out the application survey and I'll email the link.
  5. Training is encouraged and is rather easy, though the game will scale to match your strength. Using the habitat feature, you can look up pokémon you've seen and find out if there are more undiscovered in the area.
  6. Due to high demand for a mobile release and high performance, this project will be released in two waves. The initial release will be strictly a PC version. Release Two will be compatible with Android and IOS, as well as a performance upgrade for the PC version. Release Two will be titled "Meta Mercury+" and contain plenty bonus material. Meta Mercury+ will not be developed with Essentials A method of transferring save data from Meta Mercury to Meta Mercury+ is currently being developed.
  7. There was more that could be done with essentials than with a gen V rom.
  8. Adding betamon was a big feature of the earlier version of this project, but I'm debating whether or not to include them again. RMXP games require a high level of optimization to run smoothly on most computers. I'm working out ways to increase performance on lower end computers, and there will certainly be options to speed up performance in-game.
  9. Updated first post with starter information. Next update will include story and gameplay info.
  10. Just added a Suggestions Form. If you have ideas, feel free to send them. Also, check out the Team Application if you want to contribute in some way.
  11. I think i'll stick to RMXP for now and port to a different engine after first release.
  12. I actually have MV. Where's the script editor on this thing? Edit: never mind MV requires you edit scripts outside of the engine. I'll look into if it's worth switching immeadiately or porting later.
  13. I don't see any reason why it would't be released in 2017. I also expect to have a small demo out by the end of this year. Side note, the Soundtrack link is back up now! Another thing, Please disregard earlier replies to this topic. These were made back when the game was a different format and going in a different direction.
  14. I'm currently in the process of doing so. Thanks for following this project!
  15. Can't say. Too far off. The project is still getting fundamental mechanics worked on, hence why a demo has yet to come out. thanks for your patience though. The project is at a steady production rate.
  16. For starters, Pokémon Meta Mercury is Horizontally Dual-Screened with an interface on the small second screen allowing the player to access a ton of easy-to-use applications, such as the Dex Nav and a Type-Effectiveness Calculator implemented to Provide necessary information about the new type chart(more on that later. Screenshots: Type Calculator: Screenshot [1] Screenshot [2] Dex Nav: Screenshot [1]
  17. It's been going great. Taking longer than expected, but there are a bunch of new features in it now that I didn't have before. I'm planning on moving this project over to PokéCommunity where there are more similar projects to this one. This forum will remain open as a carbon copy of the first.
  18. The trailer will be ready when the demo comes out Update 8/1/2015: In the past week or so, I realized that in this point of development, a demo wouldn't represent the finished game well. I've been planning the mechanics of the battle system and overworld, and at this point in time, I would have to use the default UI. I'm not saying I'm cancelling the demo and trailer, but I need to take more time to improve it's look, feel, and execution to make it closer to the finished product. Plus, I have plenty of features that I have yet to implement into the game. I'd say expect a really nice demo near the end of September.
  19. Big update: I renamed the project to Pokémon Meta Mercury Also, restating that this is not a BW2 rom hack
  20. It's hard to say at this point in time, as I have things to work on in it that I didn't with the DS, such as tile sprites, rigging and animating sprites, reprogramming the mechanics of the game. It's all going pretty smoothly though, with my only current roadblock being finding quality sprites for gen 6 pokémon and mega evolutions. In august, I'll have to take some time off to adjust to school, maybe a month, so... Expect a demo release at the end of summer!
  21. The starter's type combos serve a purpose in the game. That's why I already have them set in stone. I think it's a pretty cool typing though!
  22. If it doesn't work during beta testing, I'll try to work on this particular compatibility personally before release
  23. I've ran it on several win 7/8/&8.1 s That's all I really know, but it should be compatible all the way down to XP
  24. No, This project is no longer playable on NDS even with a flashcart. The first full release will be for PC/MAC, and expect an android port as well soon after, so that It can be played portable like a mobile emulator. I'm not yet at the testing phase, but stay tuned for when I ask people to sign up to test. Good Idea, but the problem is, we have just received Talonflame in this last generation, which would make the typing and concept near redundant. Also, wouldn't Fire/Flying be super weak to early game rock types? I'm leaning towards semi/bipedal, and I also have the typing already determined
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