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BW B2W2 Event - Keldeo (Movie pre-order)


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In a Corocoro leak, it has been revealed that Keldeo will, in fact, be the Pokemon distributed to players who pre-order a ticket to the 15th movie this summer.

Tickets are on sale April 14 to July 13.

Players can pick up the Pokemon from June 23 to August 31.

It can be received on Black/White OR Black 2/White 2.

Keldeo will be distributed at level 15.

The advertisement says it'll be good addition to bring in your party at the start of your B2W2 adventure.

And they're hyping that "something will happen" in B2W2 with this Keldeo, but of course no specifics yet.


(all screenshots in this image are from BW)


3-15 Update:


The official site has revealed this event and more details.


Aqua Jet


Double Kick


Wish Ribbon

Hold Item: PP Max

Cherish Ball

Event Gallery entry

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From another thread closed because there is this one already

the info for the Keldeo event has been released and i dont know how to put it on the wonder cards bit so its here lol

ID 06232

OT しょこたん

now 2 diff site say diff things 1 is very wrong 1 say pokemon event the other says pokemon movie 12

and i think its gonna say pokemon movie 15 as its the 15th movie

Usually, Japan Event uses the year as reference. So movie 2012 -> Movie12

And Occidental Event uses the movie's number, so it should be movie15 in US/Europa and probably Australia.

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Now that the Keldeo has appeared in the Contributions thread thanks to Guested...

I don't usually care about stats most of the time but, amazingly, only one reset for a Keldeo with Timid CV is pretty nice. Though the pokemon is quite unique, it's abysmal Attack and predominantly physical movepool will not save it at all so for a pokemon I'll never really use, I'm going for broke with Secret Sword and Scald.

I was planning to team Keldeo in my B2 (when it arrives), but I have the feeling that it will never compare to the one I got just now.

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