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  1. Is there an action replay code that lets you access the pc from anywhere in pokemon platinum? I am absolutely tired of having to go to the Pokemon Center. If there is, pm me the code plz, and it is for the ds version by the way. I have searched for nearly 3 hrs and cannot find it. Thank you.
  2. I first started with gba gameshark then switched to action replay on the ds lite until now and still continuing to use it.. I have been frowned upon and called a loser for using action replay with Pokemon and Legend of Zelda series. The being called a loser part REALLY ticked me off. That would offend me and make me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry. I use it all the time up through gen 7 of Pokemon and with my gamecube zelda games that I play on my wii. I find it fun to use action replay after it gets SO boring after beating the game w/o codes for the BILLIONTH time. One time on a S
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