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BW Event - Saikyou Mewtwo


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Update: Starting to get some details, first from Corocoro.


It IS a Mewtwo event, and it will be distributed via Wi-Fi to Japanese games from September 26 to October 31. It is meant to tie in with all the other Mewtwo promotions going on right now.

The only details so far is that it has its normal ability, Pressure, and that it is level 70.

More specifics will be announced on Pokemon Smash next week.

Update: Official site updated as more details were announced on Smash


^ (Full details and WC now available)

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Wow that's cool. A level 70 Mewtwo with Aura Sphere and Psystrike. No waiting for level 93/100 for those moves. Electro Ball?! Competitively speaking, that might be a very interesting case where you fight Ho-oh or Kyogre to strike them down with a fast Electro Ball, especially with a Choice Scarf on. However, Psystrike is still probably the better choice to use against them to target their weaker physical defence. It's not like Mewtwo doesn't learn a plethora of electric moves already though. Anyhow, thanks for the event!

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