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  1. Haha, Of course everyone is an Ace Trainer. >_>
  2. Having never been to a Wireless Distro before, does anyone know if all Toy's R Us stores carry the distribution? I don't want to drive 15 miles on a special trip to Toy's R Us just to find out that the store doesn't do it. I looked on the TRS website, and the "Store Locator" took me to http://ninjagospinjitzucamp.com/. I would think that all stores would carry it, but I'm not sure.
  3. Ooo! Can't wait to have a Ligit Mewtwo! :3
  4. Well, Just posted on the Pokemon.com site, It seems they are localizing the Black and White movies, Called "Victini and the White/Black Hero: Reshiram/Zekrom" This movie is scheduled to be released in the Theaters sometime in December 2011. In Japan, It came with a HOST of Promos, Like A Victini that knows the Exclusive Move V-Create, Which is currently the most powerful move in the game without recoil. Not to mention a Reshiram/Zekrom C-Gear skin, And a Special Town + Minigame in the Dream World. Personally, I would see it on opening day, But that may not be possible.. Here's the link:
  5. I haven't been to those, I go to TREZ (The Rockman EXE Zone) occasionally, And, yes. That is Protoman in my siggie.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'm here for both. Looks like there's a lot of active members here, So I should be able to meet some cool people. On the other forum I frequent, their main goal is also Hacking, so I'll be familiar with that type of thing too. I plan on posting a little more tomorrow, somewhere outside the Welcome forum.
  7. Still confused.. Resave with a US Game, or in the Language (Patched)?
  8. Oh, Finally! Now if I can just get it working.. *Points to last post*
  9. Well, I've decided to join this webforum. I'm an active member on one other, but I've been to over 5, so I know how to behave. I hope I can meet some friends here and get to know the community a little. So, hello from me, Kirak.
  10. Okay.. I need some help. When I start my game, after installing the C-Gear skin with PokeCGear, the game says that the "C-Gear skin Data has been Lost." and erases it. However, I've run it through PokeSkinED, put the .PSK file in PokeCGear, Used different themes, and it still didn't work. Tried JP and English, read every forum post I could, and Googled. No help. Oddly enough, opening the .SAV file in PokeCGear after saving shows that the skin was saved to it, but the game erases it when loading. Any Idea what I did wrong?
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