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Pokémon Hex Values for Black and White?


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learn to RNG and you dont have to worry about it.


but with RNG you still can not get a legal look-a-like pokemon that was not in Black/White.....(if you do not call the place of Origin as an indicator, but only the attacks and the stats to be legit or not)

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you make no sense

RNG is legit

The structure is mostly the same, the wiki has the information.


you missunderstood me.....i mean a pokemon that realy under any circumstances will not be obtainable in B/W can not be RNG´d because it does not exist....

@kaZowar: please no long discusion if RNG is legit or not.....as both methods are in a grey area....exept the AR is more handsome for bad people that create "Super-Power-Pokemons" with modifying IV/EV values, Init., Def.,Attk., Speed and so on.....so that they have at least an Imba Poke that might work on some online/wifi or IR matches.....but destroys the whole fun.....i for myself see no sense in these codes.....as if you realy are a Poke-Freak you´ll allways try to get the "perfect" Poke on natural and more legit ways....

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