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  1. are you sure he means the GC-Pokes? Maybe he transfered the mons fom Ruby/Saphire or Emerald to XD/colloseum to play with them on the Cube.....if it is so, then the GBA Mons should be easyly rebuild using a PokeGen and set the target game to Pearl/Platinum (as of the Pal Park - the place where all G3 mons can be obtained! ) then use Pokeshifter to shift them to Gen5 legal pkm files and then upload it here: http://pokegts.us/5thGen_Selector.aspx and have 6 mons with you (don´t worry the mon will be saved in box after the Fake GTS took place)!
  2. it is easy: your first pokemon does not have a legit SID 0 only can´t be a number which means 0000 is not legal, you might have to modify it (if it is not from your game) and make it somewhat like 0103 or so!
  3. well i have the game sync out of energy message on my screen and the last time i connected to DW was at 8. November, so i erased the pokedex data in Black1 after i modified Zekrom/Reshiram to be shiny and i hope it would let me enter DW again.....otherwise i am very sad.....so I will not do a shiny Zek/Resh again....only seeing them in the wild INFO: Yay......it worked.....it realy worked (well, i have to "re-Catch" them all! which means mostly placing them in DayCare and then get them back....it is a little annoying but.....hey, it let me enter the DW again....so this is a little price i could pay! )
  4. are you sure it realy works (i cloned my original Zekrom/reshiram and marked it as shiny - normaly all other mons work with that), as i tried to connect to DW it says game sync out of energy.....and that is what could not be, as the game allmost has passed the 24 hrs limitation and i think i´ve damaged the game with that now!? Important: I do not recomend to catch shiny Zekrom/Reshiram, Meloetta (they may harm your Game, so that you get either an 13xxx error code or that - like in my case the Game Sync has run out of energy, even if i did not visit DW for days or so.....hope the erase pokedex-data code helped me to get back access to DW in Black1 in 1-2 Days...) So if you want them shiny in your Pdex (specially for BW2) do only meet them in the wild and kill them or flee, as only Victiny (yes the event one i marked shiny), Keldeo (also cloned and marked shiny), Tornadus, Thundrus, Landrus, Kyurem, Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakium seem to be the only ones to be not checked (in B/W.....don´t know how it works on B/W2). "Wait....you.....did....not mention Genesect".......that´s true, as i cheated this one in Black1 and as shiny, and it did not harm the accessibility of the DW - but I do not know if it would if someone tries to mark the Event-one in box to become shiny (so I do not recomend to do so) - so if you want this one shiny in dex too, only meet in wild and then get the hell out of the battle (flee or beat it)!
  5. i don´t know if it has been asked, but is there a code to mark a pokemon in box become shiny (just like the old B/W one)? as the shiny pokemon code does not affect the eggs! EDIT: yeah, CMP has made such code...here it is for US/UK White 2
  6. such code exists, it should be the normal standart shiny code from these games, as the intro chinchino was shiny, also the starters (thus never happend with BW1) so it should also work for eggs as even the rental mons in PokeWood are shiny!
  7. to be honest, i don´t think it is because of thudrus, tornadus or Landlos - as they can be shiny in normal B|W, and i don´t think it is because Zekrom/Reshiram are seen as shiny - i think it might be if you catch Zek/Reshi then it could affect the game, but i think it is more because of Meloetta isn´t released yet, and as told earlier in this text the 3 "Gods" were not the problem as they were all shiny in my B1 and so they will be legit in B2 when i will use the Reveal Glass/Reflecting Mirror as this item changes the formes from therian to normal and vice versa! /that´s btw. the reason why I do complete my dex w/o cheats!
  8. well, i have shiny Zekrom/Reshiram in my Black1 game (not caught only seen), but i don´t think that is the problem, the problem depends more on the last 3 Pokemon, as they were not released like Meloetta or they were released a short time ago (Keldeo; Genesect) and they have to be included in the DW script! but i would not try to catch Zekrom/Reshiram shiny....as i am afraid it might damage my game or let me not enter the DW anymore!
  9. to mister demonic: the code from you and exildream is rrrrawrsome, as even the chincino in the welcome sequence and the starters are now shiny (not in the previewmode but after you have chosen one) and yes they seem to be legit (further research on the Legendaries and Starters will be done asap!)
  10. is it fixed, so that the PID would not be messed up? oh and thanks for your efforts (you are a great guy! )
  11. öhm...mister demonic, would you please be so kind and transfer this code for Black2 German version and perhaps if it is not working on White2 for UK/US white2 also? Oh and maybe if it isn´t fixed, please fix it so that the code won´t mess the PID!
  12. yes, it was! oh and thanx to the demonic, for givin us a new subscription method! (allthough i don´t need it anymore, as i have the ds-room-tool which loads the usrCheat.dat, and i compille it on my own!) <--- hope that this project would never end (and that CodeJunkies are doin´a 3DS AR, so that we were ready for the next Pokemon GAmes! ) And not to forget: Tomorrow will be the day, where i will post the IV´s Codes for UK/US Versions here, so that every type form Bug to Psychic will be served!
  13. can you also port that code for German versions of the games?
  14. i think it doesn´t matter to have the therian formes , if why did you not pokegen them instead and take them to the shrine (abundant shirne) and there you´ll recieve the Item!
  15. well, the normal items (e.g. dusk stone) do appear normaly only one or 2 times so i made it on 995 pcs! the medicine code was made for ppl that do not want to spend the money for potions etc. so it is 999 if you need only 900 or so just discard 99 of each and it should be fine (btw. It was a hard and Hours-Consuming thing as PokeGen does not have an all items switch, so i had to put them in manually - that is also one reason why it will take some time till i will do the B2/W2 IV´s codes for UK/US games)
  16. i have also a request, can someone transfer the old Wild Pokemon are Shiny code into Black2 (German) and White2 (US/UK), as the current shiny code where you have to press Select messes up with the PID of the Pokemon! and: - Mark Pokemon in Box become Shiny (transfer the old one pls, as it works perfect) <--for GErmany and US/UK well that´s all atm (or at least just transfer all the old and working codes into the new Games /every Lang. of course, so that no one has to complain ´bout missing his country!)
  17. Well here as Promised, the Item Codes (with all Items on 995) and the all medical Items codes (999pcs) for German Black2 and UK/US White 2 Versions(L+R to activate): and I am sorry, but you will have to wait a little bit, ´till i´ll do the US/UK IV´s-Type Codes! -> I will not upload them, as bond deleted my German ones, and seeing such acts on hard work of coders makes me angry and sad, so if anyone needs them please PM me! IMPORTANT NOTE: The Items-Code is working, but it is missing some stuff - i will soon fix this so that all shards will be available and old ember will be in the rigth position! EDIT: Now everything is included!
  18. well I dont think everyone will register on all pages, so it is quite a good idea i think to post the codes here! And as mentioned, the all Items-Code for ex. is missing some stuff so I will do them on my own and post them here (would be a hard work though, but as there is no one abel to update GBATemp´s "Old" XML Database and the new UsrCheat.dat is still missing some stuff, i think i can post the codes here)
  19. well, i did load the tool, but now i only need an more up-to-date Version of the usrCheat.dat to compile it to XML (btw. i learnd that the US/UK (E) version of the show IV/EV on Status_Screen in BW2 is showing the wrong number in SAttk and SDefence - hope this will be fixed, and i hope for German Version it would have been done from start!) Btw. great works on GBATemp (as i now can read the CodePages! ) 1) Oh, can Please someone do a code that let me modify the Nature on Statusscreen (just like the ones for B/W) - and yes for both US/UK and German Versions of the two Games! and I´ll do a different HP Code for the Games (hope the standart codes are same on both games so that i only need to modify one for both?!) Adding to the 1): a Marking Shiny code just like the one from BW1, also a quick Egg Hatch code (not marking one) and Re-Name Traded Pokemon Code
  20. seems like there is some item ingame that has a battery (like the re-battle tool from Diamond/Pearl) would you please be so kind to give me the link to the CMP Cheat DAtabase so i can add it as a new subscription! EDIT: By the way i need a Code DB that is working like the old GBATemp CheatDatabase in XML, as i do not have any device capable of reading USERCheat-files! And: i dont want to register on GBATemp just to see the CheatCodes
  21. you can easyly do them on your own by opening Pokegen and under tools there should be somethin called Items there you can edit what you want (unfortunately there are all kinds of items no matter what Item-category you specify, so just do a little annoying scrolling untlll everything is in the list! ) EDIT: Well i for myself wonder why there are no AR codes done for the US/UK Versions nor the German Versions of the new Games - as I will eventually buy myself Schwartz 2 tomorrow and my UK White 2 will come in a few days - hope this will be fixed, as even GBATemp nor Codejunkies do list new codes -specially GBATemp seems to have stopped the Codedatabase as the latest version is still somewhat from last year!
  22. here is one i created with PokeGen, hope it helps you and all of the others here: Hint: Press L+R together and you will get all TM´s and HM´s (incl. the mysterious TM95)
  23. where does the lvl. 8 stand there? I only see it at LvL. 43 or 40 in BW! EDIT: whoops....seen it now....well....maybe they didn´t update it either or they thougth the ppl will look up for the moves anyway!
  24. simple just use the calculator in windows change the style to sientific and type in your dec number then switch to HEX and you got it! @destiny: such code exists just get the latest Codelist from GbaTemp!
  25. Well here´s the link to Meloetta: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14112-Meloetta-Event-%28Faithful-Encounter%29-Pokemon-Action-Replay-Code-%28US%29&p=149890&highlight=meloetta+card#post149890
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