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What would you like added on to the mystery dungeon series?


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  • 3 months later...

I'd like my starters not walking in still motion when waking up from bed after evolution.

Aside from minor nitpicks, MD is somewhat lacking, but still good the way it is. More IQ skills would do, and legends that are not named Palkia/Dialga and Darkrai being in their own IQ groups. Meh I don't know. To me, that's like a cop-out like giving Pressure to nearly every major legends.

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54/1000 seems to be enough for me, but the UI is kinda painful. Though there is like over 1300 items in the game, I heard.

I do agree with more TMs, preferably stuff that were move tutors in the mainstream games at one point, such as Heat Wave or Signal Beam. That would be nice.

Also, there is no way to get hereditary moves except for a select few starters in Sky version, and they're just useful early on. A Vulpix with Heat Wave would have been incredibly uber though.

Vacuum Cut is extremely useless... fixed 17 damage... needs moar power -_-

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  • 1 month later...

All rotom forms. more dungeons, but not so many hard ones like destiny tower. i quiver by the looks of it.

i like different missions. maybe saving 'common' legendaries will be cool. Also an item to increase accuracy will be awesome too!

Oh yes, i prefer the hunger meter for ghost/darkrai(i think) don't go down as fast as normal pokemon using the mobile scarf (i think), when going through walls. since my team has pokemon that able to phase through walls without getting hungry fast, it should be the same as for the leader.

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