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  1. In explorers of sky I would like being able to evolve, but keep the same icons for the faces.
  2. Personaly, I would like a little more adventure. Like the hero pokemon (the person playing's charater) getting kiddnapped, or pokemon trying to take over the world. No violence i.e. dying, losing limbs, exc. exc. Any other ideas?
  3. I disagree with any violence like dying type stuff. But i have a great idea for shadow pokemon! Make them dark pokemon who r trying to take over the world exc. exc. And instead of dying they trap defeated pokemon in like a dream world. Like the mystery dungeon series type game, but with acual evil non acident created pokemon. Cause pokemon is kid only! Don't ruin it!
  4. I have heard of something called 'pokerus'. Is it a pokesickness? Will my pokemon get it? Is it cureable? Can I avoid my pokemon getting it? I'm a very protective trainer, so I get worried about that.:bidoof: I even get worried about 'neglecting' to walk my pokemon on soulsilver. [HGSSSPRITE]:tongue:[/HGSSSPRITE]
  5. I don't think so. I don't know who to make new threads! Where did the 'make new thread' button go?!
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