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  1. Ah I see. It did work, thanks! I was just assuming that it was saving them on 236, but if I check for its size it is now properly 220. Thanks so much!
  2. My starter Feraligatr, Gengar or my Shiny Porygon-Z are often my choices.
  3. I would like my starters to not lose their portrait after they evolve, even if they still evolve until the end of the game.
  4. I have PokeGen 3.0b21 And I am more than able to edit all my pokémon and make them all wonderful and whatnot. But I see everywhere that people are working with 220 bytes pokémon this time around, and PokeGen doesn't seem to have that option when its time to save. Is there a program that converts them? or something? Thank you for your time.
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